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I'm a newbie and saying Hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hillbilly, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Hi all, my name is Di and I have been looking around this forum for the last couple of nights. I am fairly new to riding, got my licence last year to be able to join hubby on rides. I am about to upgrade to his bike, and would like to start joining in some rides in the future. I am hoping to tackle the Black Spur ride in the next couple of weeks, see how I go.

  2. Hi Di, welcome to Netrider :)
  3. Hi Di

    Welcome to netrider
    always good to meet another lady rider

  4. Great stuff Di, you will love the Spur such a great ride. Welcome to Netrider! :)
  5. Thanks guys. Yes, I am hoping to meet some more lady riders, not that I don't like riding with the guys, just that my hubbys mates usually like to go at a faster pace than I. But then, on a bigger bike I will be able to keep up then :wink: I am looking forward to the spur, did it once as a passenger. Bit scarey being the driver. :shock: I am on holidays over the next month, so I will tackle it. Hope to meet some people then. Cheers. Di
  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of NR.. :grin:
  7. Hi Di

    Hi Di I'm new to riding as well still on my L's and live in Healesville. I did the Spur a couple of weeks ago with a mentor and it was great. The road surface is pretty smooth and it really is a beautiful twisty ride. I felt totally supported in going at my own pace and now usually venture up there every couple of days. It took my riding confidence up a notch and certainly feel more skilled and capable with corners. I own an old retro bike Kawasaki LTD 250, so it isnt really designed for high speeds but I'm totally enjoying the experience. Keep tuned in, I am going away for a month or so soon but would love to catch up when you come over for the Spur ride.
    Cheers twid
  8. Any bike can do the spur and have a good time, as can any rider. My first bike (Z250C - basically the same bike as the LTD lmc has) did the spurs a heap of times.

    Have fun at your own pace, and your own bike's pace. It's not a racetrack out there or every bike would be an R1 and the world would be a boring place.
  9. Welcome hillbilly
  10. Welcome, it's good to have another lady along for the ride :).
  11. welcome Di, enjoy the honda :grin:
  12. Hey, welcome to the forums Di :)
  13. I am wondering if anyone does any rides during the day on weekdays. My kids are at school and I am at a bit of a loose end some days.
  14. Hi Di,
    Welcome and enjoy the Black Spur! I certainly do :grin:
    I get Mondays off, but at this stage I'm kinda busy getting my bike ready to be sold, etc. PM me so we can go out together as noob upgraders together when the time comes
    Yeah - I'm a bit nervous!
  15. Welcome to the forum, :biker:
  16. Hi Pinkxie, what sort of bike ru upgrading to? I am getting my husbands VFR750. I have been riding it a little to get the feel of it. I am in the process of selling my bike to. Will be sad to see it go :( I am home every day during the day except Wednesdays. I will pm u soon. Cheers.
  17. Welcome Di. Great to see another lady rider. Im not from your side of town but will venture over sometime thisyear to do the spur myself. Ive heard its such a great ride.
  18. Hey, i am also a newbie saying hi.

    Got my 'L's' about a month ago, along with my gpx250, and i'm loving it.
  19. I have been hoping to do the spur while I am on holidays. Weather is not looking too good tho. I hope in clears up, I would like to go Sunday as it is my last Sunday off. Will see how things go. Otherwise, I am possibly going to do the next track day at Broadford for the ladies only sessions. Feedback from the last one was really good. Just gotta get some leathers now.
  20. Hey Shorza
    Where are you from?