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I'm a muppet...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Le Riding Frog, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Well the title says it all...
    Hubby and I decided to go for a small ride this afternoon but first we needed to refuel. So off we go to the petrol station. Instead of concentrating on refuelling I was checking what hubby was doing and trying to hurry up. I go to put the pump nozzle back in, half trip on the hose, take a step back and put my foot down on my bike's fuel cap which had somehow rolled away from its original place...
    Obviously there was the key in the said fuel cap and I twisty-bent it... And a twisty-bent key does not start a bike... :banghead:
    Luckily I had a spare at home and had to send poor hubby back to get the spare, while I went to pay for the fuel.

    We did go for the ride afterwards and it was fun, but I'm a right muppet. Luckily again, I am also good with a hammer and I can gladly say that after a bit of hammering I now have a functioning key again!

    The lesson learnt today is to stop worrying about what other peeps do (when it's not important and it's not 4x4 drivers) and concentrate on what I am doing myself... :sorry:
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  2. Small steps. As long as you learn and build on that.

    Before you know it you'll be riding like a pro.
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  3. Did you have the cap on the ground? I was wondering how your foot bent the key.
  4. Le Riding FrogLe Riding Frog, shouldn't you be "la riding frog"?

    And all my life I believed women could easily multi task...
  5. that's just bad luck with the cap rolling away, bummer about the bent key!
  6. At least the spare was close by. Must be a Suzuki thing but SibiSibi always fills up her Ninja faster then my bikes, even the DR which only has a 13litre tank.
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  7. The VTR is way too thirsty, I always faff about at the petrol station jamming as much fuel in as I can... If not, 30kms into my ride I've lost one bar already :-S
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  8. next big thing = touring tanks for m/c's
  9. Oh no! I need to organise myself a spare key I think....
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  10. You can get some big ones for the DR, the biggest safari tank can give the DR a 700km range apparently!
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  11. I have done a great many muppet things on bikes and with cars over the last 40 odd years. I could write a work like a A Dance of Ice and Fire about all the muppet things I've done. If the dumbest thing you ever manage to do with a vehicle is take a clumsy step and wreck the key, while you DID have a spare at home, then buy yourself a drink of your choice. On the grand and mystic scale of dumbest things, you rank rather low, young Padoen...

    Purely on bikes, look up Max Biaggi almost flipping the bike because he decided to mono across the finish line... or Jorge Lorenzo jumping in the fish pond on his victory lap, still wearing his race leathers and everything, and discovering that little pond was about 10 ft deep, and full race leathers and boots fill up with water very fast, and sink... Look at Kevin McGee stopping on the slow down lap, just over the crest of a rise, right on the racing line, and doing a burnout for the crowd... It ended his career and that of Bubba Shobert who hit him while still doing about 90 mph... (Which one of them was being more silly I don't quite know, there's a fair degree of brain-fade there in both cases...)
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  12. I'd be getting another key cut as your newly panel-beated version could be weakened and might snap off inside the fuel cap lock or worse, in the ignition.
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  13. Well Honda made the key for my vtr (and all their bikes as far as I'm aware...) twice as long as any motorbike key needs to be, and even then didn't bother to make the fuel tank key barrel that long, so it sticks up waiting to be bent off at every refill. And they want to charge ~$300 for a replacement key, to program it with the "Honda ignition security system", which is acronymed HISS, something I find funny as that's the same sound you hear when all the cash is flying out of your wallet for a replacement key...
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  14. LOL - You know what'd be worse than that? Explaining to a suspicious cop why you were mucking about with a little pair of needle-nose pliers and crap, to try and get the broken half-key out of the ignition in a public place... "No, seriously officer - it's my bike! Do a rego check, who owns the bike? Here's my driver's licence. See?"
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  15. kneedragonkneedragon that biaggi twelve-o-clocker is about the most hectic winner wheelie on record... Reckon he was absolutely shitting himself when the back end hit the Tarmac haha
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  16. LOL - He had the damn thing up past 90 degrees! The tail cowl hit the ground and he hit the rear brake hard enough that it partially locked the back wheel, and that brought it back down. How he stayed on that, was a bit of a mystery...
  17. chilliman64chilliman64 my bike has a 19L tank, which is not small by any means, and the absolute best mileage I've had from it is about 248kms, and it was shuddering when I was turning so I know it was nearly empty. Even then I put just over 16L into it. So I'm a bit upset that I've got the later firestorm model with the larger fuel tank (pre 02 it was 16L), and there's 3L of unusable fuel in it! Bloody Honda.

    I'm sure if I was a bit more gentle on the throttle I'd get better mileage, but I didn't buy a litre v twin so I could baby it...
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  18. Yeah, dumb things. Car drivers who try and run down your choice to ride, by pointing out their car gets almost the same fuel consumption as your bike. The number of times I've almost bitten my tongue off trying not to point out how much a new set of tyres cost, or how long they last... If I'd wanted cheap transport I'd have bought a postie-bike, d1ck-head! I can forgive you being ignorant, but using your ignorance as the basis of your argument demonstrates many things I don't envy....
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  19. Get a spare key if you can and hide it somewhere on the bike you can get at or
    1st Arriving at the first fuel stop of the day 200ks from home and hearing one of the blokes has left the his tank key,difference to ignition at home = 1 hr doing some damage and braking into the cap.
    2nd arriving at Singleton for breakfast on a multiday ride and then hearing one of the blokes has lost his bike key,that's a single key with nothing else attached,who does that, = 2 hours searching the streets for the key and then hearing he finds it in his jacket lining after its gone through a hole in his pocket.
  20. hide your spare key on your bike??? not sure that is a good idea, I think the insurance company would agree if it got stolen and was found with the key in it.