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I'm a granddad again, now with pic's :-)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. The things your kid's put you through :? :LOL:

    Cassie my youngest @20 was flown to Brisbane Womens Hosp from Hervey bay about 3 weeks ago, she was going into labor at 27 weeks and Hervey bay is not set up for Prem babys that early.

    A few drugs settled everything down, but Cass became a resident a Hosp due to the fact she lost her last baby at almost the same gestation last year.

    Tuesday night, she stopped feeling any movement from Bub's, but the heartbeat was still a healthy fluctuating 160 / 180bpm, that changed yesterday to a not so good 140 and steady.

    After a lot of discussion, the doctors decided that it was time to bring bub's into the world.

    So at 10.30pm Elle arrived via C section :)

    3 pound 6 [ 10 weeks prem ]
    She needed CPR and stopped breathing 3 times before she stabilized, but is now sleeping peacefully.

    Mum is also doing well, with a temp drain and on a Morphine drip for the next few hrs :)

    1st pic via mms ..

  2. Congrats, Bob.

    We're expecting our second grandchild soon, ourselves. So far, all looks fine.

    It must be damned nerve wracking to have to go through what you guys did. Hopefully, bub and mother will be fine.
  3. Sounds like you a wild ride, it's good to hear it came out well.

    Give them both a big hug from Netrider :).
  4. Your family is getting bigger by the week man...Congrats and hope your girl is sleeping nicely too
  5. Congrats to the family :) Lots of good wishes for mum and bub
  6. what a stressful experience! glad to hear they are both ok. good luck!
  7. geez, the stress the woman in you life put you through.....congrats to your daughter and your family :)
  8. How amazing is technology :cool:

    Good to hear they're in best possible hands

    All the best to Mum and tiny little bubs
  9. Congrats Bob !!!!!!
    Grandchildren are a blessing
  10. So what's she going to ride, Bob?
  11. So what's it like going to bed with a grandmother?
  12. Jesus Bob, your kids are just like you, constantly rooting. :) Congrats grandpa!
  13. Congratulations VTRBob - best wishes to the family!
  14. Thanks for all the well wishes, I'll pass them on to Cass when I get up to see her and Elle tomorrow :)

    Um Ibast , I haven't slept with a grandmother yet , she drove up yesterday to be there :) But she had her birthday last Tues, and I did mention to her before that I don't think I have 'slept' with a ?? old grandmother before, and promptly got told :twisted: :LOL:

    Yes Loz they is like me, but I just shoot blanks and keep practicing :cool: :LOL:
  15. Congrats you old perv :p

    Any offspring of yours was bound to be a mad rooter :LOL:

    My cousin had her first several weeks premature but once the initial period is past they grow quickly and poop and scream like any baby.
  16. congrats to you and your horny family :grin:
  17. Wow, congratulations!! Best of health to you, mum and baby!

  18. Here is some pic's hot off the press

    Mum , Mum and Dad , and Elle :grin:


    Poor Cass couldn't bend over any more in this shot, still to sore from the ceaser.




    Sorry about the size but with the 'add image' feature not working and logged on through a 'cafe' comp I can't edit em :cry:
  19. Elle is gorgeous :) Best wishes for this new little heartbreaker lol
  20. And to think, that fragile, perfect little human will one day grow up to swig bourbon and tell you to kiss her arse....Aren't babies great?! :grin: