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Im a flag marshall at Barry Sheene Festival of Speed Eastern Creek

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by goz, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. So whos been a flag marshall before, ive never done it, what should i expect?

    Barry Sheene Festival of Speed
    Eastern Creek
    Apr 1/2/3

  2. Good stuff. Flag marshalling is awesome. You get the best view in the house, get to wave big flags and look like an air traffic controller with a giant radio and head set...

    Its pretty simple the control tower will tell you which flag you need if you forget.

    I had a great time doing it last year, being that close to the track and watching the guys bang fairings is AWESOME!!!
  3. You will need;

    the reflexes of a cat

    the constitution of an elephant

    the endurance of a camel

    and a keen sense of anticipation

    but you will have a ball
  4. cant wait, anyone know if your allowed to take your DSLR camera with you to take some ripper shots or its not allowed cause u need to be aware on whats happening
  5. I'm sure they wont mind if you take a camera. Usually there are two of you at each flag point. And if your a noob you are pretty much certain to have someone with you thats done it before.

    It's a long day so take some supplies.

    Also, anyone else thinking of doing it get in contact with the PCRA and get out there, it really is a great way to spend a Sunday.
  6. Expect to see a few Laverdas,we are holding your National Rally at that meet with 3 expected to front for racing,the ex OZ post clossic championship winning SFC replica sounds fantasic, plus a big display from the clubs including CIMA,it should be HUGE
  7. Good onya Goz. Have fun mate.
  8. They are actualy looking for people for Frid Sat and Sun, i chose Sat Sun

  9. ye cool, just saw this to

  10. You'll have a ball. Dress for every type of weather (or at least be prepared for it) Hat, sunscreen and plenty of water. Photography is allowed as long as you both don't do it at the same time. You will be fully briefed on the weekend and teamed with an experienced person. You will be supplied with drinks and food and marshalls usually are rotated to another position at the lunch break.

    I am desperately hoping to be at the meeting myself (angling for a position in commentary)
  11. Top quality video, that. Incidentally, the #78 bikes at the 50 second mark are those of Glenn Kelleher, son of Brian and Margie who run the National Motorcycle Museum at Nabiac on the NSW north coast. His wife, Desiree, is the sister of Damian and Alex Cudlin, both racing O/S these days.
  12. That was the first race of the Space Frame,its down at least 50hp on the front runners and that weekend had some unbeilevable lows but ended up the best fun you can have with your pants on.Ever time they go out it gets better and big things are in the pipe line but I have to admitt the SFC twin replica gets the hair on the back of my neck standing up when it starts up,it makes an amasing sound.Really looking forward to it,the season starts at Wakefeild this weekend
  13. I'm just doing my entry now. Look for LCR sidecar #55, that'll be me!
  14. i'll try and get some ripper photos of you :)
  15. Nice work goz how do you get on to this?
  16. David Morrissey, the new PCRA Flaggie Co-ordinator you can contact him at davidm@csrsydney.com.

    Or visit www.pcra.com.au and use their 'Contact us' form.

    I'm hoping to do the BSFOS this year, it'll just depend how $$$'s go.
  17. Its on this weekend if anyone is interested in watching some classic racing, got my vip passes yesterday in the mail, looking forward to it, specialy the sidecars
  18. Any idea of gate price for Saturday?
  19. Good work Goz - enjoy it mate.
  20. Nite kreeper prety sure the tix are around $20
    Yea goz cant wait to see the side cars.