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I'm a dirty lying sod

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by port80, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. ... and it feels good.

    Last night some people representing TAC rang my mobile and asked me to participate in a questionnaire. I asked how the statistics would be used, but they couldn't answer so I continued warily.

    What sort of bike, how often, where, how long, blah blah blah started the interview.

    Followed by "How often would you say you are over the speed limit?", knowing how the information would be used I answered "Never". "What risks do you take?" None, I minimise risks where ever possible.. and so on when that line of questioning.

    Did they really expect me to answer honestly? I really hope our levy isn't being used to harass riders via telephone.

    Anybody else got this call?
  2. You'd hope that statistics of people who regularly and consistantly speed without ever having accidents - would suggest that there may indeed be such a thing as safe speeding, given an appropriate level of roadcraft, experience and attitude. But of course in reality those sort of stats will result in 'expected to crash tomorrow, lower speed limit and put in more cameras'.
  3. How in the name of everything that's good and holy did they expect you to answer those questions truthfully??? I'm amazed they had the gall to ask.

    Then again, they could have been parked outside your house after the neighbours tipped them off re your recent purchase :LOL:.
  4. Ironically, the answers youve given will probably be used to show that its safer to be under the speed limit.

    Rule one of statistics: If your statistics dont support your point of view, you need to collect more statistics.
  5. I'll chase this one up - AFAIK there's no study like this being done wiht levy money - that doesn't preclude the TAC using their own money to do something (like their protective gear adverts)
  6. This is the survey I posted about in the TAC contributory negligence thread:


    The TAC site refers to Sweeney research a bit but I couldn't find a reference to the current one.
  7. Yeah Day im sure someone posted about getting one of these calls a while ago..........
  8. Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics....

    Im sure they will slander us one way or another.
  9. There is a technical term for lying on surveys ... Prestige Bias. I always find it interesting that more 13 year old boys have sex than 13 year old girls, well that's according to the surveys.
  10. Your tax dollars at work.
  11. These kind of surveys are funny and from what it seems pretty useless thanks to the obvious agenda.

    It's kindof like the "which sex lies to most?" survey on the radio the other day.

    Of course they conclude that men are all lying bastards and women never lie... inconceivable that lying itself tends to bias your results.:-k
  12. They rang me after my accident and asked me those questions too. I figured they were ringing accident victims that had claimed from the TAC so wasn't too fussed about their questions.
  13. G'day everyone,...

    I would have asked how they got your phone number?
    There might be the isue of privacy here,personal info being used incorrectly.

    Just a thought.

    Dr Who?
  14. Good point, I should have asked.