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I'm a dad!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by SAMB, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. That is all. Just wanted to share.

  2. congratulations :)
  3. Congrats!! Boy? girl? How's mum doing?
  4. What smee said and a big (y)'s up!!!
  5. Awsome! Congratulation SAMB! We want all the goss - boy/girl, etc ;) Hope mum is doing well
  6. Congrats on the huge occassion, hope everyone is doing well ...
    Number 1, 2, 3??
    hey just asking :)
  7. Nice work, welcome to the fold.

    Hope mother & baby are doing well, & you're well rested ;)

    Or at the pub.
  8. Well done on the new arrival, now get on your bike and chuck a celebratory lap or 2 :)
  9. awesome!!
  10. Congrats my friend, exciting life ahead looking the baby grow up n remember teach him/her to ride when it is appropriate of course lol...
  11. Congrats and cheers

    wheres my cuban cigar :) ?
  12. Congrats mate, fun times ahead.

    My first one ( boy ) is only 11weeks.
  13. I am too......

    nah, seriously, congrats, welcome to the joys of parenthood (y)
  14. Congrats. Best feeling in the world !
  15. thanks all. she is our first and she's perfect! been to the pub on sunday night. it's a 1.5 km walk from our house and i stopped everyone on the walk over there to show them a pic of my little girl. such an amazing experience having a little one. who woulda thunk it!?
  16. welcome to the club mate!

    best of luck and hope the bubs is all healthy. That is what matters.

    Pics Pics Pics!
  17. Congrats - how's mum?

    You're going to love it, everyone says its special but you can never really understand till it happens to you.

    Go out and chuck a celebratory wheelie (safely of course!)
  18. Congratulations to you both, glad to hear the good news and I am sure you will enjoy the years ahead. Everyone will tell you that they grow up quickly...they do. Cherish every moment.
  19. Congrats mate. That's great news!
  20. awesome.

    our first was born in Jan, its a wild ride, dude. Enjoy :)