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I'm a clown

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by milliejane, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    My 02 Honda VTR250 Cherry Red was delivered today.
    Just getting the mechanic to look over it & adjust a few things on Friday.
    Also got a 2 hour refresher training next Tuesday (havent ridden for 4 years).
    Just need to get all my gear now.

    Thanks for all the info on this site. So helpful.

    Kindest regards

  2. What brand of jacket did you decide on in the end?
  3. Well done and congrats to you! :grin:
  4. Congratulations.

    VTR250's are a very cool learner bike.
  5. Congratulations on your purchase Milliejane [​IMG]
  6. You, miss, are a clow...


    Carry on.
  7. It is you sir, who is the clown. :butt: :LOL:

    Congrats on the bike milliejane. :grin:
  8. Is "Clown" an in joke or something???
  9. I am terribly sorry, but the act of dropping your trousers as above merely serves to prove that YOU, sir, are the clown.
  10. It is the new topic that gets assigned to those posts that have their topic posted in all caps.
  11. Well you have me there. :oops: Though I'm doubtful that when you made that post you were even wearing trousers. :LOL:
  12. Ahh, I initially thought that but after a couple people posted in this thread with what seemed "getting an in joke" and I didn't know what the in joke was, I just had to ask what this apparent in joke was. It was my initial thoughts that were correct, Phew, *wipes brow* I can rest again now. Seeing as I woke up at 3ish after getting to bed about 11 or 12? First time I've woken up "mid sleep" since taking my new pain med, hope that doesn't mean I've become tolerant to the dose already so the drowsiness/sleeping side effect I had for almost a week straight is now wearing off. :eek: I just had an appointment with my local GP yesterday (wed) and don't want to make another one 1-2 days later hehe Already see him enough, usually once a week or every two weeks on average.
  13. What if it's an Off Topic post because my new career is actually clownism?? Or one in the job section, stating that my bike does buck me and attack cowboys, and in motorbike rodeos, I am a clown? So far it's not been an issue, but can this be reviewed if it does become one? :shock:
  14. Ah yes, and I've worked out why. It turns out that you, sir, are a clown.
  15. congrats.. and welcome back...
  16. Sorry

    Sorry everyone.

    I didnt know about the caps thing.

    I was just sooooo excited.

    Nightgash I ended up deciding on an IXON Fantastic leather jacket.
  17. Welcome milliejane. You'll get used to the mindless games that amuse some people.