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im a bit slow

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by carpathian, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. i eventually got my l's
    and on the same day
    i also got a bike.
    which was on 12th may
    and have been on the forums reading
    which has been good help
    and finally decided to sign up

    I've been enjoying riding so much
    and i never believed people when they told me
    to watch out for people who don't indicate,
    merge without head checking
    and just expect you to notice them rather
    them noticing you.
    but the amount of times its already happened is unbelievable.
    also so many people in vl's and utes just want to race.
    i don't know if its because i have my l's
    or if it just happens irrespectively

    anywayz just saying a hello :grin:
  2. welcome aboard mate :grin:
  3. Glad
  4. W
  5. what sort of bike mate?
    i like only bout 10mins from you so if ya wana go for a ride when it dries up give me a yell.
  6. W
    .E...animal farm (i cbb haha)

    ringwood ey? nice thats close enough to meet up and ride haha .. give us a shout if you ever wanna meet up and go for a ride around for the funsies
  7. you really hate the wet dont you :p

    welcome, im pretty close as well, and am happy to tootle along at my own pace most of the time, so give us a shout (wet or not :p ) if you wanna go for a spin :)
  8. welcome to NR :grin:
  9. W



    i thought i was about to read a poem when i was looking at OP's post
  10. Ringwood ey.. not far from Nux's place.... Yea VLs and utes try to race you because they see l's and realise they might have a chance. unless they are those turbos, smoke em!.... those fkn xr6 typhoons..... wait till i get off my restrictions...bahahah they;ll see my P plate up there n think newbe.... then i;ll show em with my 600 :LOL:
  11. Hi and welcome to NR
  12. Welcome
  13. emoclew ot redirten, epoh uoy evah nuf ereh & teg ot teem emos fo eht setamni.

  14. Ringgyy..!?

    woot, another far eastider :p all i ever hear from anyone is..... "Fffaarrk you live so faaarrrr awway!"

    Welcome ^.^ i now kno.....*counts on 1 hand* a couple peeps on the eastside.... =S
  15. Yay, capathian, another FES.

    Remember - It's them that live soooo far away. You just live where you are!?! :LOL:
  16. hi and welcome ....i to had the same thing when i was on L's but it was funny, i was able to ride the RGV aswell as leave them for dead from the lights i left them in a cloud of smooooooooke :LOL:

  17. yea same with me
    i just stay even....
    till i hit power ban :)

  18. i ride a NSR250
    and i go to school at lilydale swinburne
    so im in that area quiet a bit
  19. Hes in croyden....takes forever to get to his place...... then again sux to be his misses :rofl:

    dw theres a few here that are quite slow too....both mentally and riding
  20. Willzah, having a moment are we. Or maybe 2. :LOL:
    I saw your other post :wink: