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I'm a bit sad today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Churro Monster, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Last night at about 5.30 I was rear ended at the big green squiggle roundabout in Templestowe. :cry: I was merrily sitting there minding my own business in the middle North bound lane , at the front waiting for the traffic on the right to clear when all of a sudden I end up on my butt! The old lady behind me thought it was clear to go NOT HAVING SEEN A GREAT BIG BLOODY RED BIKE IN FRONT OF HER!!!! I was in total shock. Red girl was lying on her left hand side under the ladys little bip bip Barina! She backed the car back and just sat there . She was in utter shock and couldnt get out of the car. I got to my feet saw the bike and went into the biggest hormonal rage any man will ever witness :evil: I was screaming to her that this bike is 3 months old. i had to wait 3 months to get her and its my only transport.. she still sat in the car- horrified. meanwhile the bike is still on the road and people are honking at me to move it! bastards. after what seemed like 5 mins a man picked it up and wheeled it to the gutter and promptly disappeared. only 1 guy drove past and said he saw the whole thing and gave me his biz card ( he works for BMW!!! :LOL: ). Many bikes rode past and none stoped! A cop solo rode past and didnt stop! it took the old lady about 10 mins to get it together. She was so upset and all she could say was im insured and im so sorry i didnt mean it. i sorta felt sorry for her ( typical of me). we swapped details and her biggest concern was that i should sit in her car cause i was getting wet in the light rain :shock: .After about 15 mins hysterical hubby got there and funnily enough Nev and Jo were driving past and stopped too. So, i am fine - not one mark at all thank god- Red girl im not too sure about. The lady has inadvertently given me a fender eliminator now - which is what i dont want :LOL: . the GS is very crash proof. not a single scratch on the tank or can, broke the clutch lever and scratched the LHS peg and side stand knob thingy. But being a BMW this will still cost a few $. What worried me was the tank is under the seat and thats where her car rested . A heap of petrol poured out so that needs checking. And also to make sure the bikes not been knocked out of alignment. So ringing BMW today .
    Now, after that long winded story the person thats upset me the most is the Cop. He was just moseying along. He looked over at us- i looked very distressed and my bike is on the grass, he looked like he was gonna go around and come over but just went up Fitzimmons lane instead at a nice sedate rate. What about just riding past me to see if im o.k? that bugs me cause the last time I dealt with a solo he was giving me a canary for having an eliminator on the gixxr at xmas. ( when i was riding home very legally one night on my own after Fri night coffee). So, i get hassled when im doing nothing wrong- i dont care- an eliminator is not hurting anyone, and i get ignored when ive been in an accident. Im very disappointed about that. so , there you go..

    Kate :(
  2. Bad luck about the rear ender, some (old) people just shouldn't be on the road. Glad to hear you are ok, hope you get your bike fixed up nice and quick.
  3. Sorry to read about the "accident" Kate, glad that you're unscathed "physically", but I've often wondered how I'd react if I'd ever gotten rearended. 15mins of rage sounds about right. Crap news about the cop just ignoring the situation, as you say, he could easily have come round to check that everything was ok. I guess DonutKing can't be left waiting.

    Here's hoping you're back on the road soon.
  4. Sorry to hear about your accident, but at least you are ok.

    Looks like people can't even see the "Look for again for motorcycles" ads all over the place. Not much hope them see a bike in front of them :mad:

    The cop was was out of line. He has a legal obligation to stop at the scene of an accident, even if only to check to see if anyone is hurt. He should be reported, even if you don't have his details, but you do have date, time place.
  5. I'm so sorry Kate! :cry: I've been there myself and know what a shock it is to be minding your own business only to have a car slam into your Klakker! :evil: It's such a beautiful bike too :(

    Let us know if you need a hand with anything :)
  6. Really really glad you're ok. That situation seriously sucks! Hope the bike is only mildly scratched up... but get it properly checked out, rear ends can bend things.

    Hope the crash repair place has a loan bike for you.

    -1 to the copper and the bikers who didn't stop. What is with that!
  7. Glad to hear your ok. That cop was definately out of line. I would report him for sure. And i can't believe none of the bikes stopped.... wtf?

    Speaking of old people... we got turned out to an MVA the other day. Old lady in the car park, went in to park her car but wasn't watching, mounted the median strip, did a sort of jump, and landed her Teritory square on the bonnet of 4x4! She got some serious air so would have to have been going fkn fast.

    And whats worse, she called the fire brigade, but didn't flag us down when she saw us. All we got was an intersection, and that it was in a carpark. There are 4 fcuking car parks at that intersection.... stupid old woman.... We were driving around for 5 - 6 mins at this intersection and she happened to be in the last carpark we checked...
  8. Oh Kate
    not the GS!!!

    +1 for the bike cop, that is simply not good enough, I would also report him, don't know if it would do much good, but it would make me feel better :evil:

    I had a simular incident here in Hobart where my son and I were on the ground and everyone just beeped at us to get out of the way and the only person who stopped was an old guy on his harley, who came down the side of the cars, parked his bike in front of them and says "you right love? do you need a hand". Other bikes just rode AROUND me

    I hope your GS baby is up and at them and back on the road soon, and I hope your not too sore today

  9. sorry to hear about the accident kate - glad your ok & she was insured!
  10. Well, just got back from Southbank BMW. They are the nicest people there. They are looking at red girl on Monday for me. Problem may be getting parts, could be 5 weeks or so if they have to come from their motherland. So, if thats the case, by the time I get her back Shaun will be just about in time to pick up his new GS800 thats due early December! I will ask the old ladys ins so about hire bikes cause im really gonna be put out not having abike for so long . Thanks for all of your concerns guys.

    Maybe see some of you at expo today or Errols coffee tonight.

    Slightly happier Kate
  11. What is it? Shunt a Beemer Month or something?

    Glad to hear it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Sounds as if your local constabulary have followed the WAPOL lead of abdicating responsibility for....well.....everything connected with decent policing really.

    You may be pleasantly surprised by the cost of BMW bits (although I'm not familiar with more recent models), but, hopefully, insurance will cough. Chances are that the fuel spill was just from the breathers. Alignment is definitely worth checking after a shunt though, although you've got a fighting chance of getting away with it. That's where all the excess weight that Beemers carry helps :grin: .

    Best of luck getting it sorted.

  12. You may have a claim against her for transport costs but you have an obligation to minimize the costs of obtaining that transport.

    And hiring a bike costs *lots* more than hiring a car and you quite possibly won't get more $ from her than hiring a basic car from hertz/avis would cost.

    Sucks but I've had 2 friends experience exactly that problem.
  13. Wow! That's unbelievable!

    I had no idea GS's came in red.
  14. Oh no, bloody hell Kate! :shock: I'm so sorry to hear the bike is damaged :( but delighted to hear you're in one piece. :)

    I know how horrible it is to get rear ended like that. You feel powerless to stop it when they hit from behind. Scary stuff.

    At least she's insured, which means you'll get the bike fixed. It's still worth talking to your insurer though. It wasn't your fault so it won't effect your rating or cost an excess and your own insurerer will be more helpful when it comes to hiring a substitute vehicle. My experience dealing directly with other people's insurance is that they will take forever and try to screw you. They fcuk around less if they have to deal with another company. :)
  15. eusa_snooty. Rubbish.

    No law in the land supports that assertion.

    In the situation described by OP, the pig at best had a MORAL obligation
    (only). There is nothing to report him for, as is the case for every other
    motorist that didn't stop.

    At days end Kate, the onus is on yourself to organise alternative transport
    if the bike was your sole means of getting around. You of course, have
    nothing to lose by asking however I'm fairly sure what the answer will be
    (for more than one reason).

    If there is a God & the stars are shining, you may get a nominal amount
    for a short period of time, and you'll have to cough up the rest.

    Its sucks, but thats the way it is. Onus is on all of us to ensure that we
    have our own backup plan should we find ourselves in the same situation.

    snork_lach. Ktulu
  16. That totally sucks Kate. I still lust after the red GS every time I walk past the dealership in Southbank. I can't believe anybody could fail to see such a gorgeous bike right in front of them.

    I hope the insurance works out OK, and the repairs are swift.
  17. Good to know that you were not injured. Good luck with the claim.
  18. That's a bugger, Kate. I'd be a tad pissy too! :mad:

    The cop might have been on his way home after his shift... but still...

    Anyway, glad you're ok. Hope your bike is perfect again very soon.
  19. Thats a real bummer - glad to hear you're ok but the hassle caused is absolutely enormous. She's fine - hop in the cage and do it all again tomorrow but for a bike dependant person it's a nightmare.

    Goodluck with everything.

  20. I think the bike cop she mentioned got a pretty bad wrap in this thread and I think some people don't understand the consequences of the police getting involved. She didn't say the cop rode past while she was lying on her arse in the middle of the road. When I drove past a bit later she and the bike were both upright parked on the grass. There is no need for the police to be contacted about an accident if there is noone injured and no unattended property damaged.

    What did all the people who responded poopooing the cop expect him to do? Give her a hug or something to make it all feel better?

    There are very few circumstances where you would actually want police involvement, especially if it's just a minor bingle. Did you know that the police can (actually by the letter of the law they should) charge every person who has a single vehicle accident with negligent driving? Would you really want that to happen? Imagine how all the kindy kids here would react...