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"I'm a being from another world"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. She's not kidding either :)

    "When asked to produce her driver's licence, De Avalon replied that she did not have one," Sen-Constable Lamb said.

    "When asked why not, she said, 'I'm a being from another world and don't require one.' When asked to state her name and address De Avalon replied, 'I have a universal name that is not recognised here'."

    Sen-Constable Lamb said that when asked for ID, De Avalon said, "Your laws and penalties don't apply to me. I'm not accepting them, I'm sorry, I must go, thank you.

    Full story...
  2. From Geelong, no suprises there! Although she does look pretty good for a witch...

    On a note about sh1thouse reporting however, since when has "up to 60km/h" been "high speed"???
  3. for a pedestrian stuck in a door its high speed
  4. :driver::facepalm::butt:=;:tantrum:
  5. She looks like Angela Bischop!

    [​IMG] their possible mother [​IMG]

    Angela no neck Bischop
  6. for the cop, it would have been high speed. I've clocked 60km down a hill on a treddly and without the comfort of leathers / a car it is definitely not slow.

    What a complete tool though (her, not you).
  7. Might have been less legally complicated to just curse him with impotence or summat :D.
  8. Build a bridge out of 'er.
  9. Twice in my life I've regretted braking hard to avoid running over a jay-walking pedestrian.

    The first was Johnny Young (back when Young Talent Time was on), the second time was in Canberra when Bronwyn Bishop (as illustrated in smee's post) stepped off the kerb against a red light.

    In both cases I can only apologise for failing to make a serious contribution to world improvement... Unfortunately I only realised who they were after I missed them. (and going back for a second go would have been too obvious) :)
  10. I guess you might have a point there, you two.

    Still, the media are evil & should be picked on.

    Glad you cleared that up! :rofl:
  11. Forget boat people from Africa, we got broom people from Dimension X invadeing! Someone tell Tony Abbot!
  12. What an idiot!
  13. Bloody hell....when I saw the thread title I thought my ex-wife had joined NR!!

    Then I saw it was about some other witch..... :D
  14. Why did the cop have part of his body inside her car? Surely that's in the "do not do 101" book.
  15. Didn't the article say that he tried to remove the keys from the ignition, then she wound up the window?
  16. I wonder - does she float?
  17. See? This is why cops don't pull people over for talking on phones and all that jazz. The ones who do end up injured enough that they can't work any more :p.
  18. sorry, it does to. Even so, it's still not the smartest thing he's ever done. All he had to do is read the plate as she drove off.

    That being said, that has got to be one of the smoothest (talking) interactions with the police I've heard of.

  19. maaaassive jugs, i'd tap it :D