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I'm a bad widdle boy... (but it feels so good)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lobsta, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. heading home from water polo tonight, and a real POS Bommadore pulls up next to me with 4 of those guys in it that typically ride around in POS bommadores with big mufflers. seriously, the headliner was all falling off, the rubber window seals were coming out, paintwork was peeling. basically, the muffler upgrade probably doubled the value of the car.

    i look at the thing and laugh and they rev, so i thought, why not. i take off relatively hard, they floor it, i am about 3 car lengths ahead by the time i hit the speed limit (or maybe a little over) and i was shifting at around 9 or 10 i think, not even hitting full torque :grin: . so i slow down, let the shoot past, as there was a crest coming up and i know this road is a fave for cops to sit on with their hairdryers, so i make sure i am diligently sitting on the speed limit as i cross over the crest of the hill. pull up next to them again at the next lights, look again, laugh again, then turn the corner and go home.

    it felt good

    just thought i would share

    have a good night, i know i did.

  2. I tried lanefiltering for one of the first times today and someone in a Daewoo got right out of my way somehow, even though they were stuck in gridlocked traffic. Then they slowed down to a complete stop just to let me out from behind a bus :).

    You really can tell which drivers also ride bikes :). Nearly fell off waving thanks :D.

    Not actually related to dragging bogans, this just seemed like a good venue to share :).
  4. sharing is caring :D
    i was waiting at an intersection in the city once waiting to turn right, and across the intersection was a BIG truck waiting to turn left (i.e. into where i was headed), he had right of way, so i would have had to wait for him to slowly go around the corner, and hold up the big long line of cars behind me. looking at the driver, i see him wave at me, gesturing for me to take the turn, so when the lights changed, i cautiously did, and he sure enough didnt move till i had completed the corner. always remember to thank courteous drivers. for truckies, that means a wave, and if you are in front of him, flick your indicators left-right-left-right alternating, apparently it is a universal 'thankyou' signal



    you know it :D

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    no wait, seriously. water polo? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  6. Your so tuff lobsta. *bats eyelids* Will you be my boifwend? :p
  7. i thought you were cool but you play water polo ?.. please go away now. i have nothing more to say.
  8. Spotted at the pool....

  9. taller than i thought... is that a waxed or shaved chest ?
  10. :LOL: I dont think any of you realise how much body strength water polo players require to play.

    i think if all you blokes laying the friendly smack down on him jumped in a pool together with him and tried to sink him, he'd probably be the last one floating*

    *this disclaimer only applies if the budgie smuggler wearing panzy can actually play water pollo well :LOL:
  11. Do you know how many horses people who play water polo go through?
    the game should be banned by the rspca!
  12. thus why they now use pool ponies. the feel of plastic against the skin is just devine i hear.
  13. hee hee - poor kid is getting an A-Grade serving of friendly banta. :0)
  14. well it gives us all something to do rather than work.
  16. lets not upset lobsta too much or next time you're out for a swin you may find your nuts swiftly removed by an underwater terror
  17. Net rider is always up on my screen, hiding it from the boss. LMFAO :grin: :LOL:
  18. #18 Lobsta, Oct 9, 2008
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    haha, Repsi, OBH, dw, i can take it.

    what i think most people's problem with water polo is that they confuse it with synchronized swimming. which is understandable, as they are rather similar, really. except water polo has more balls (lol) and in synchronised swimming, there arent 7 guys in the water that are trying to drown you. oh, and another thing that people do not realise. water polo is played in a pool that is 2m deep or deeper. everything is done treading water, there is no touching the bottom.

    Back at school, we had many guys from the Open First XV (Rugby union) that thought water polo would be good for a laugh and a bit of hurting others and came to try it out. they gave up within 2 games coz it was too rough for them.

    if someone wants to see the extreme of a dangerous water polo match, search for the Olympic semi-final between Hungary and the USSR in Melbourne 1956. The soviets invaded hungary and were gunning down students to quash a popular rebellion. they hungarian team left before the invasion, and found out about it when they landed in Melb. as fate had it, they met in the semi's. there is a recreation of the match from a movie made about it on youtube. search bloodiest water polo match ever.

    oh, and as to my playing. im not great by any standard, but i have been playing for 7 years now, so yeah, i would probably drown most of you. :D

    iIECZcgogpI[/media]]Here is a video made from my school team from year 12. I am the goalie that DOESNT get scored against in the video. if you really wana spot me:
    0:26, 0:35, 0:59 (save and pass), 1:16 (that is a full field goal, 25m), 2:00 (i was bored), 2:21 (i make the full field pass to set it up), 2:43 (another goal, that field was about 30m from memory).

    Oh, and OBH, the ego hit from a shaven chest hurts a whole lot less than the physical hurt from having someone grab a handful of your chest or underarm hair and rip it out. trust me, i know.

  19. It's still gay and cruel to horses.
  20. i would have said just plain old gay..
    should have realised you dont need to shave your chest anyway there little boy and when you tried you just shaved your nipples off.