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I'm 2 wheeling now

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Superunknown, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    After about a month of searching i have finally found myself a bike (that i fit on). A 2005 Hyosung GT250 comet (details in the garage). Picked her up last saturday and Dad rode her back down the M1. I've been out 3 times now and the learning curve is steep. There are so many more things to watch in the real world than the Q-ride traning paddok.

    So yeah... I'm out and about on the hyo in silver gear. Wave or nod if ya see me. I havn't got one yet.

    Also I'm keen to meet some of ya guys, could someone PM me the details about the coffee nights or if someone around kenmore wants to go for a ride PM me about that.



    <unsure about putting up a pic of me in my gear, and if you hesitate you don't right? so i won't :p >
  2. that looks nice dude, how tall are you ?
  3. Very nice, I like the colour
  4. I'm 6'3. I did just fit on the GPX and ZZR, but they still felt small. The other major contenders were the GSX250 Bandit or Across however the bandit felt heavier and had an uncomfortable riding positon. and the across was faired and had a small tank.
  5. Congratulations! :grin: Blue is a very nice colour too, so good choice! (I might be biased here, my bike is also blue!)

    I wish I have your height problem...at least you don't have to spend lots of $$$ getting your bike lowered like me....

    I'll wave if I see you on the road! I commute to the city every morning, so watch out for me! :)

  6. another hyosung rider to join the ranks, korean power unite! :LOL: