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VIC Illegal Tail Tidy's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sirprice, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Just a note , I know of two incident this last weekened that have ended in a hefty fine for after market tail lights and shortened rear ends ,, both gonna cost the owners about $350 . Shortened rear guards , number plate not vertical , and after market indicators and tail lights in one unit ,meaning the indicators are not 180mm apart . OUCH
    Seems like abit of a blitz on them . :-( One was in Koo wee Rup the other in Healsville , and the thread about timnted visosrs not being legal was also raised by the plodder . Not so the law says as long as it has an AS1609 label its witihn the law. 1609 has nothing to do with tint but it has to do with impact resistance ..
    I'lll use my tinted one until I am officially told to take it off and put a clear one on then argue the point .

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  2. headache in itself - what does the impact resistance matter when people are freely allowed to wear open face helmets without visors...it's just like saying we aren't allowed to wear sunglasses whilst riding
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  3. I can just imagine the cops standing at the checkpoint, rulers in hand, slapping them against the palm of their hands "Now Sonny, let's see if you measure up"

    Bit strong on the visor front, i can't get a pair of shades on the inside of my lid :(
  4. the visor thing is just a bloody stupid law...

    cops pulled us up at kinglake on the weekend. They mentioned the cable ties holding my plate on but weren't too stressed by the aftermarket plate holder... not saying you dont get a$$holes, but they didn't choose to nail those of us that they could have.

    there was definately a bike blitz though...
  5. there were a few stacks on the kinglake rd that might have got them a bit toey. one of the ones I saw looked a bit nasty.

    but they always do a bike blitz on the long weekend.
  6. So in regards to tinted visors and also sunglasses...

    My eyes are fairly sensitive to sunlight and I always wear sunnies even on overcast days. Plus my tinted visor stays on whilst I ride... With sunnies. I feel I can see perfectly fine... I'm guessing the law wouldn't agree though would it?
  7. Tinted looks fine to me.....

  8. Archive that one ^^^^^
  9. I wonder if they they decided a tail tidy was a contributing factor...?
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    Vicpol probably saw that most had tail tidies and used their usual deductive methodology when they look at motorcycle safety

    Ironically it isn't that hard to find them,if you google image "victoria police motorcycles", there are a heap.
  11. Ironically, as a fairly new user, let me know if there's a smiley i need to use to identify any tongue in cheek comments in future.
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  12. #12 sirprice, Jan 30, 2013
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    Maybe the fact that I was on a similar bike they didnt ping my blacked out visor

    Update on my mates incident ,, he didnt get a fine . "Shrug" just a RW the other bloke I know got $350 for the tail tidy but was let off overtaking on the left $170 .

    No consitency ,

    Hey its not hard to see the difference between 180 mm apart and touching as my mates where.
  13. Don't suppose he could convince them they 'grew', bit like caterpillar eyebrows and met in the middle!
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    it would be fantastic if vic pol could concentrate on solving crime ''people being bashed to death .raped children abused and these pricks are concerned about a tail tidy ..
    What a fukcing state this is :mad:
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  15. I've moved your thread to the correct forum.

    & as for AS 1609,

    5.1.2 Requirements. Clear lenses. Untinted lenses shall have a luminance transmittance of not less than 85 percent. Tinted lenses. Tinted lenses shall have a luminance transmittance of not less than 50 percent and shall comply with the coloration requirements of AS 1067.

    NOTE: Visors assembled with a tinted strip positioned outside
    the normal field of view do not require special labelling.

    However, the tinted area must comply with the prescribed
    coloration requirements and optical performance.

    Which is it? & both posts provide insufficient information in order to determine whether a guard meets requirements.

    Each mudguard must be at least as wide, over its entire length, as its respective tyre. The front wheel mudguard must cover the rearward section of the wheel through the area between two lines, one vertical and the other horizontal, both drawn through the centre of the wheel. If the frame or any other part of the motorcycle provides protection, the front guard only needs to only cover the unprotected area.

    As far as the rear wheel is concerned, the guard must extend at least from a point vertically above the front of the tyre to a point vertically above the rear of the tyre and it's to be mounted as close as practicable to the tyre.

    How you are, or remain to be RWC tester when you admittedly have no idea about something that should be second nature, is beyond me. May I suggest getting your knowledge up to date as a priority. FYI, the member of police was referring to Australian Design Rule 19/01 which prescribes the following:


    " in width: For front indicators, the following requirements shall all be met:
    There shall be a minimum distance of 240 mm between illuminating surfaces. For rear indicators, the clearance between the inner edges of the two illuminating surfaces shall be at least 180 mm ..."

    One last suggestion,

    Your derogatory message has been deleted. Next time forum restrictions may be imposed. Netrider Terms and Rules are located at the bottom of every page. Please read them and get to know the site before you start posting messages here.


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    Thanks for clearing the visor issue Justus all I could find was the reference to AS1609 , so now we have to look for AS1067 ,, fat chance of finding a visor with that stamp this side of the rule book.

    I ask one supplier if the visors they sell comply, with but got a reply telling me they comply with some US standard ,, Its probably same as the helmet standards ,, we pay thro the nose for the same standard as OS stuff.
  17. Justus where did you find the rule:-? Tinted lenses. Tinted lenses shall have a luminance transmittance of not less than 50 percent and shall comply with the coloration requirements of AS 1067.

    And BTW mates tail tidy was more like 90 degrees to CL of rear wheel ,, never mind 45 degrees. and he is a big boy that weighs much more than 45KG :)
  18. I didnt state that was the only thing that is required, i was just giving one example of why it might not comply.... stop being pedantic.
  19. I must be honest here and admit that I just don't get this "tail tidy" business.

    As a sweeping generalisation, bikes on the market here are sold in standard form complying with all the various rules and regs.

    As an equally sweeping generalisation, tail tidies don't comply, and can be picked on by the police.

    Fitting a tail tidy doesn't significantly reduce weight, nor improve aerodynamics, so it's not like it makes the bike go noticeably faster, but it is, potentially, an invite to the cops.

    Now, it doesn't really bother me if other folk want to do it, and good luck to them, but acting surprised and complaining about getting ticketed does seem a bit OTT.
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