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Illegal police cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Was just on a ride with about 20 other bikes in Sydney(ORoadSports forum riders) and we were passing along a "Special Event Clearway" near the Sydney Football Stadium ie. they didn't wan't cars parked to make sure two lanes were clear. We come across a car parked in the kerbside lane. Typical Sydney I think - where are the cops to book the guy? Then we notice the tripod sitting just in front of the car with one of the tripod legs stciking out onto the lane dividing line. Sitting atop the tripod is a beer can size cylinder pointing at a 45 degree angle downwards towards the right hand lane. Weird. Then about 100m ahead we see a single police car waiting to pull people over.

    This must have been one of the new rego recognition/vetting cameras. While I'm all for this method of policing, how the hell can they get away with parking in a clearway - TWICE! They only activate this clearway when they really need it due to the volume of traffic around the stadium and this is when they choose to block the lane! It was a serious hazard on a very busy road and caused a lot of jockeying with our riding group due to needing to change lanes in traffic.

    I thought unmarked speed camera car fines could be contested if the car was parked illegally so I wonder how this applies to being pulled over for expired rego by an illegally parked cop car.
  2. Go home, grab your digital camera, go back and take photos, go home and email the pics to today tonight. On a slow bullshit week (cause that's what they do, not inferring your post is bullshit :) ) they'll use it in a cops are bastards story. :)

    The following week they'll do a story about bastards in unregistered cars. :)

    The next week they'll do a story about motorcyclists parking in clearways to take photos. :LOL:
  3. WTF is rego vetting?

    Have I missed something here?

    How can the camera check the rego so fast they radio to the guy ahead who stops you?

    Please explain, it's late and I'm tired.
    I have to take me sleddog out for his run in the morning.
  4. its hooked into "the system"
    it can check your rego in the blink of an eye!
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  6. Thanks Caz, gee I feel much safer knowing the forces of law and oreder are out there "protecting" me.
    Not enough serial killers in Sydney, that's the problem!
  7. It is the latest in Police technology. Designed to detect regos listed as stolen or expired. Could also be used for placing cars of interest on watch lists I guess eg. rego XXX-123 was involved in a robbery.
    They have had rego detectors in London for years for billing cars coming into the city so the technology is pretty well developed. Seems a logical extension to link it to a database, write an application that has a hitlist of target rego numbers and place a cop car 200m down the road.

    The conspiracy theorists and paranoics have been going berserk about it because they say the government can track the driving habits of everyone. Like they can afford to have people sitting in an office pouring over the enormous amounts of data this type of system would generate just so they can track who goes down the shops late at night for some milk.
  8. Like they'd have people do that, and not computers :grin:
  9. So you can still swap a registered number plate from one vehicle to another then?
    Meaning if you have two Utes you can drive around on the one plate and how will they ever know?

    And how did you know I ride down the shop late at nite for milk may I ask? Hmmm...Hmmm...????
  10. Actually your right! I have heard about how they are supplying the data to the Australian Dairy Corporation to track customer purchasing patterns. In a truly sinister move, the milk producers of Australia have subsidised this technology for just this purpose. :roll:

    The same thread ran on a Sydney rider forum when these things first started appearing. People were complaining of violation of civil liberties because the government has no right to track everyone. Who says they are? Does anyone complain about the Safe-T-Cam systems designed to monitor trucks? These could be used the same way. Instead they are being used to enforce safety rules upon the trucking industry ie. a useful service.

    These systems in their current form are trawling for unregistered(read uninsured) and stolen vehicles. Great - there should be more of it as far as I'm concerned. These are exactly the type of vehicles that should be getting picked up.
  11. Sure you can. But not all crooks are too smart and people with unregistered vehicles are unlikely to swap number plates. And if they do, then those plates are likely to be reported stolen - then you have them again.

    You know who I work for![sinister laugh] :---)
  12. I agree!
  13. I wish they'd put as much effort into stopping every tenth person talking on a hand held cell phone while they are driving!
  14. The CSIRO are working on that too. They are in the final stages of trialing a system that detects mobile phone transmissions while detecting the number of occupants. If "Mobile phone" = IN USE and "Occupants" = 1 then it takes a photo at an angle that shows the rego and the driver with the phone to their ear. Any photo that doesn't have a phone held to an ear is rejected(hands free kit). The next step is to refine the system so that it can triangulate which occupant of the car is using the phone so that it can detect the driver using the phone when there is more than one occupant. :---) :---) :---)
  15. The safe-t-cam system is the process of being improved to the point that if any vehicle goes thru it it will register that vehicle and after you have driven a further 100 km to the next site, it will take another shot and then calculates your average speed. The fine is in the mail.

    As at November last year the system is designed and tested, it is now only waiting for the legislation to upgrade the existing hardware/software.

  16. I'm from Melb so I could be wrong, but isn't the safe-t cam thing only on hwy's i.e. 100kmh or more? If so isn't this the least statistically prone speed zone for fatalities? What a waste of money.
  17. The police force are currently fighting a freedom of information request for fixed speed camera locations (in Victoria this is). They claim they are in high accident locations, the other mob claim they are in high revenue raising locations.

    I wouldn't be the only one that suspects that the second mob are correct, so why should we be surprised that fixed average speed cameras on the highways are the next nail in the coffin.

    We are already the highest per capita traffic fined state in the world *sigh*.
  18. however... at present the safe-t-cam system only takes photos/registers plates from the front. ;)
  19. In Vic we have a set of cameras installed on the Geelong freeway which calculate average speed. From memory, two of them are rear facing (the two closest to the city) while the others will only catch cages.

    Just wondering, but it would make sense that even if it only sees the front of your bike, the system could take a happy snap of you and your pride and joy zooming past and notify the police... long enough road for them to setup and wait for you to arrive. I recall something similar occuring in the domain tunnel some time ago...
  20. As far as I am aware, freeways are the safest of all the types of roads available; traffic all going in one direction seperated by a central divider, no stop lights, no intersections. But, they also carry the highest volume of traffic. Anyone wanting to raise revenue would conclude this would be the best place to put a "safety" camera, and then tell us all how they're saving our lives.