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Illegal parking at crown?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by undii, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Hi, I met my parents at Crown Casino as they take a bus trip there every so often. On the bike as I had to do some things beforehand and anyway, I park in the usual spot I do. Just off (clarendon street?) where the tram stops are and the Melbourne Exhibition centre is across the street. I park just near the corner edge, some other bike was there. When I got back 2-3 hours later there was a note on the bike (photocopied 'mass letter') that basically says I am on Crown Ltd land and is deemed illegally parked. I must remove the bike immediately or else they can remove it and I am liable for all costs for this + storage. I don't know how long this has been happening as last time I did it a few months back I guess I didn't get this note. (Also can they make me liable for all costs associated etc for removing the bike IF I never knew anything about it?)

    Does anyone know about this and how broad the illegally parking is? I'll park across the road at the Exhibition Centre as I guess it's not illegal to park there (hopefully not wrong there) but just curious to how far they deem that bikes are parked illegally. It's not blocking any walkways at all and is under a camera which I like just in case anything happens (graffiti/smashing of stuff/stolen etc). Are there cameras where the bikes usually park at the Exhibition Centre as I really prefer parking my bike where cctv is watching it.

    Thanks :)
  2. A few years back the practice of wheel clamping was getting to be commonplace and people were arcing up big time, particularly over the massive releae fees that private security companies were charging. So Kennett outlawed the practice.

    Now, the only people who can tow your car or bike are authorised people such as parking cops or police. If Crown wants to tow your bike, then it needs to call the police to do it. That is, if where your bike was parked is indeed private property.
  3. Even if something happened to your bike the cctv footage would not be available to you from crown, and parking under cameras doesn’t make your bike any safer, in fact parking your bike in a high foot traffic area is just an enticement to the many opportunistic scum that troll southbank.
  4. I've found parking in high foot traffic is usually safer than low-no foot traffic area for safety of the bike + car. I've been badged on my car from a street with stuff all traffic and for 2-3 years I parked my old LJ torana that I had lost the key for with the door open every friday near a high foot traffic area with nothing happening. ( :LOL: to that). I wouldn't park my bike during night but *hope* that daytime foot traffic is enough to deter dickheads from damaging a parked bike.

    Highlighting the cctv stuff is crowns only is a good thing but I'd definitely try to go on Today tonight or some similar crap with my 'sob story' how crown have evidence of damage/stolen bike and are crumpets for not letting me have access to it to give them bad publicity. (Just a hope anyway) but overall, I have full insurance to always help cover my butt if needed.
  5. I guess there were no signs pointing out that it was Crown Ltd land?
    maybe they're just trying "scare tactics" or something
  6. No signs at all that we(my parents and I) could see after I saw the note as they came down to see me off. And I think it's a scare tactics thing but well, better not chancing it while I don't know the legalities of it. A bill for towing/removal isn't cool when guessing they can't do squat. Anyway, the parking at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre is only a 1-2 minute walk away if it's still not *deemed illegal* to park there :roll:
  7. Just park closer to the road where it would be public walkway, and nothing Crown could do about it. Close to the curb, near a bin or something else that detours foot traffic away from/around the bike.
  8. Surely there must be at least some space between their building and the road that is deemd public footpath. I would imagine that they can't claim to own everything to thr curb.

    But then, I dont really know :/
  9. A mate and i parked in this exact same spot about 12 months back and had the same letter when we got back, asked a cop that happened to be near buy and his advice was to tell them to piss off :grin: it's a public foot path and not crown casino land, however IF they do get it towed i'm sure they're lawyer slush fund is bigger than yours and mine, they're basicaly just pricks.
  10. Fellows crown is a private entinty by itself, parking anywhere within its vicinity is deemed illegal. I personally tryed to park, and within a couple of minutes security had come and told i couldn't park on the premise i had to go to the actuall car park.
  11. If you're on private property against the wishes of the land owners and it is clear that you are not supposed to park there, then yes they can tow you and charge you for storage costs. But if its not in the way of anything and not clearly a bad place to park then they'd have some serious nerve doing so.
  12. I have to disagree Robert. Parking on the footpath, as long as you follow all the rules regarding pedestrians and building lines, is legal in Victoria.

    The North East corner of Whiteman and Clarendon has a left turn only lane, therefore the footpath curves around with the building. The footpath opposite the tram stop would be public land. In fact, I think Clarendon Road is a no parking area all along in front of the Crown entrance, so you could park on the footpath right in front of their entrance legally. Now that would piss them off.

    Of course, parking on any of the open areas away from roads around Crown would be parking on private land, and so illegal without their permission.
  13. Crown have been doing that for years and yes you are on their land despite it being "public footpath"
    The place to park is in the car park up a bit where all the bikes are parked or across the road at the exhibition centre.
  14. Is it sign posted as such?

    If there are no signs then they have no right to move your vehicle.

    Ask the By-laws officers from the MCC or COPP what the law is regarding their "private property"

    Most other areas that are private property actually sign post it.
  15. Now I agree with the above statement BUT will add the following comment to it. The footpath must be a Public Footpath (i.e. roadside) and not one within Crown's patch. Crown is built well back from it's property boundaries so the usual building line rules wont really apply.

    My suggestion is to park within the rules beside the public roads and you should be safe.

    The Melbourne City Council has Tow Away Zones on various streets and it would be a simple extension of that and some sign posting that could result in bikes being impounded. Remember it costs over $200 in towing costs to get your vehicle back so sooner or later they might start doing it as the costs are covered by the impound fee quite nicely.
  16. Okay, some differing opinions. I am actually interested to know what the facts are, as I often find parking my lone bike on a footpath intimidating.

    If it is a public footpath, it isn't their land, in the same way the nature-strip in front of your house isn't yours. The council owns it, and can do just about whatever they want with it.

    Do you mean further North East on Whiteman, or further North on Clarendon?

    Well, from my memory Clarendon Street was there before Crown, and therefore it was and is a Public Footpath. Just because Crown got built there doesn't change that. In fact, even King Street, which runs under Crown is still a public road. I haven't taken note of just what footpaths are under there though.
  17. Yeah Clarendon St is a public road and has a public footpath but how much of the footpath is public and how much is on land owned by Crown, that's what I'm getting at. as I said you can do what you want, within the rules, on public footpaths but just what is public & private can be a bit blurred at times :roll:

    Short of doing a Title Search there's no definative way to find out.
  18. Ring Melbourne City Council?
  19. I think we can assume that 2.5 to 3 metres from the curb is public, even if Crown has paved over it with their tiles or whatever.
  20. Anything near the the buildings particularly right up near the buildings is not allowed Also note the "public footpath" in my statement. :roll:
    the bikes parked there are definitely up against the buildings.
    As for the carpark Its the one south where all the other bikes are parked under cover for free. I'm not up to par with street names.