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Illawarra's beautys

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by OHjimbo, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Hi
    I'm new to the whole riding every weekend thing and am in need of some awesome traffic light free roads around the Illawarra area
    Please help

  2. 'gong up through seacliff bridge and RNP doesn't have too many lights (just a few through northern suburbs)

    south, albion park-jambo-Kiama road is short but fun.
    mac pass, to kangaroo valley, Nowra, Gerringong and back is another..
    then all the other fun bits up just past Robertson, eg Wildes meadow
  3. Awesome is there any good like 3hr round trips worth doing as well or just like hour rides around the way
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    Albion Park, Macquarie Pass, Robertson, Wildes Meadow Road, Kangaroo Valley, Cambewarra Mountain to Nowra, back up the highway to Kiama, left and out through Jamberro and then Albion Park. Around 186 kms and you can easily stretch that to three hours or more by stopping to shoot the breeze at The Famous Roberston Pie Shop....
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  5. make it longer by heading down to Exeter or Bundanoon, or go up a little to Kangaloon.. or go west of the highway and head out to Crookwell etc
  6. One of my favs is old princess hwy from Bulli tops to the waterfall , back through the natho from waterfall then to bold hill and back down the coast road :) hardly any lights at all ..
    bit hard on the bike i have now but it was my favorite route