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I'll vote for him now!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. You've got to watch those chicks on scooters. F#cken killers they are. Dunno how Abbott survived that vicious and deadly attack.
  2. Anybody know what caused the accident? Who violated who's right-of-way?
  3. She must have been white, otherwise he would have tied her to the back of the car and dragged her to Indonesia.
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    If he had hit a motorbike, people will say it must be the car's fault. When it is a scooter, blame is immediately placed on the scooter. WTF?

    Both prejudicial to fellow two-wheelers and misogynistic at the same time. I can't believe this is my first post.

  5. :rofl:
  6. You have to wonder...but speculation not allowed here..

    Couldn't think of anything worse than the mad monk over me with his sneering look the way he does .....I'd forget all about the broken leg just to get away from the c#nt.
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    Its called taking the piss. We all do it to each other. Its meant in jest.
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    I can't believe you took it seriously.
  9. Those are some of the tamest words I've seen from roarin too.

    Probably better than Sophie Mirrabella sneering at you like you'd just thrown up on her shoe after Q & A the other night.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  10. I hope MrRabbit does'nt get it into his head now , that if the scooter rider had been wearing a Fluro Vest it may not've happened. God willing his driver had a SMIDSY and there comes somethig good from it.
  11. Maybe this one was the other way around? Maybe the rider would have seen the car if it was painted in hi-vis and had its lights on...
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  12. Fundamentally, the carbon tax?
  13. BINGO!! I'm incredibly amazed at the amount of drongos on the road driving cars that DON'T have their headlights on during night driving hours and bad visibility conditions in bad weather...pissing down rain and foggy conditions for example.

    Some cars are incredibly hard to see when they have no lights on and are covered by the spray of water from heavy vehicles and the dumbarses who drive around at night with not even their parking lights on amazes me...it's friggen dark dude....can't they see they have no dashlights or any light in front of your vehicle....retards need removing from the road entirely.

    What the HELL are they afraid of...getting a power bill or something](*,)

    I know this thread was made in Jest but a scooter rider is still a rider of a motorised two wheeled vehicle...they still have to have a license to ride that vehicle, the same as we do riding motorcycles and irrespective of who was in the right or wrong in this case, theres some girl lying up in bed now wondering if motorcyling is a great idea or not and being sore and injured. I hope she's ok. To hell with the Comm Car..it'll just have a dent or two.


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