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I'll see your Black/Red CBR600RR and raise you a Tri-colour

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dspark, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. I know there has already been a number of "I just got a CBR600RR" threads, but I cant resist :

    Picked it up this morning.

  2. Nice bike dude, the new tri colours are sexaaaay!
    May I ask if you testrode it's competitors and if so what made you choose it over the others?
  3. Nope no test-rides to speak of. I wanted to test ride, but I was told (by multiple dealers) that Honda MPE was very low in stock of the 600s. Supposedly I got the last Tri-colour til February... I put a deposit down a fortnight ago and I think I got a good deal - $14.1 ride away. Today was the first day I was off my Ps...

    I made my decision based on looks and many many reviews/opinions all over the place. Plus I like Honda!

    So I think, if you can, a test ride is ideal - that being said, I already had decided I wanted the CBR600RR months ago... I don't think testing any other bikes would have altered my preference...

    So far, Im definitely not disappointed!
  4. Congrats man! I know how you feel I picked up my first ever bike this morning (Honda VTR250) Nice colour!
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. If you turned your back and went to walk out the door they would have let you test ride.I think prolly every honda dealer has the last "tri-color".I'm sure they would have had a demo in another color.Anyway NICE bike dude.....
  7. Well you can test ride it as much as you like now, but too late for a return.

    Nice bike champ, congrats :)
  8. Oh yeah - Incase anyone is wondering - the mechanic said he put mineral oil in and would put semi-synth in at 1000km and fully synthetic after that..
  9. You didnt happen to pick that up from CMC this morning did you??

    If it was you... you bastard. That was meant to be mine.... :LOL: :LOL:

    Congrats it looks awesome!!
  10. Oh yeah...

    How is it to ride? Any initial thoughts on it?

    Another Q. How hard was it to get the price you got? Did you have to bargain much. I was thinking on walking into them with 14k cash and seeing what they would do...
  11. LOL yep that would have been me :D

    In terms of bargaining - I think the fact that I was ready to put down a deposit meant I had more to work with. CMC were pretty good to deal with...

    As far as I known you can get a Red or Black (standard colours) for 14k until the end of November from pretty much any Honda dealer (due to the $1000 cashback)... so anything less than that (in the standard colours) would be a "good deal"...

    Lots of thoughts.... (ie "This bike is amazing....") but nothing worth writing down. (The only comparison I have is the Spada).

    So what were you doing out at CMC then?
  12. nice enjoy it, if u read rapid there was an article about running on mineral oil should do it for 5 k i think, castrol engineer recommendation but even 1 k would be good

    i miss my bike already but at least by the time i can walk again i'm off restrictions
  13. I look forward to hearing more about it. For me its a toss up between the Gixxer, R6 and CBR.

    I was out getting a new speedo cable for my mini CBR at about the same time you were riding away on your bike.
  14. not true..
    there were only 30 tri-colour 600RR imported and that is all there will ever be..

    the 09 models arrive in Feb and have different fairings and colour schemes again..

    Honda Aus have no more black or tri colour 600's and only a handful of red's..

    You did pretty well at $14 ride away mate..
  15. Congrats mate, top looking bike. Just picked up my CBR600RR this weekend too :) man they're fun!
  16. nice bike.

    Black ones are sexier though....

  17. I pass PS on Sat and went in to have a look. There was at least 4 600RR and they are all sold. At the price of 12k + ORC, i think its a bargain.

    the strange thing is, in US, hondas are more expensive but here, yamahas are more exp.
  18. nice bike man ... good price :)

    they are awesome rides aren't they ? I have been out all weekend on mine and LOVE it :)

    PS: tri colors are cool ... but I still reckon black and red is sexier ... hehe

  20. Looks great!