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I'll just #%$^@% bash 'em

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scrambles, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. ...ahhh yes. If you have ridden with us at some stage no doubt you have been fortunate enough to hear Donkey utter his favourite war cry.
    Sadly, he will soon be heading overseas for some time to see if the Irish can REALLY fight (Stay out of Scotland, poof.) so naturally a piss-up was in order.
    A fun night had by all, including a drunken warp-speed race to the now ledgendary Jimmy's.
    Here is some of the evidence...
    The man...the myth

    Donkey and The Baron

    Just a few of the party-goers

    The resthere.
  2. ...Apparently Ktulu has more.

    C'mon man, post up that picture of our girlfreinds kissing! DO IT FOR HUMANITY!!
  3. C'mon Ktulu, post em up. i needs the photo's so i can photoshop them and make us all look super awesome, but naturally i'll be looking the most awesome.

    Nice pics barron.
  4. My camera's in my bike jacket at home :(
    I'll upload it tonight! :p

    This is my favourite one of your photos :grin:

    It's like we suddenly smelled a mixed kebab with BBQ sauce and cheese.... but we don't know where it is... yet.
  5. I finally remembered to upload it!

  6. Hey poofs, where was my invite :evil: ya pack of gaybo's

    Looks like you had fun as usual guys, hope to cyas again soon, you guys doing the run to eden?

    Hey scrambles my PM's dont work thats why i didnt reply.
  7. HEHE I like the red glove!
  9. Never fear my shot drinking friend, there will be others...oh so many others.