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VIC IKON Motorhead Jacket - Size M (Free)

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by Mick M, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Leather riding jacket in great condition, which includes removable liner.

    CE armour in elbows and shoulders. Pouch for back armour pad, which is not included.

    Zipped air vents across top of shoulders and above the kidneys.

    Pick up from Mooroolbark area, by arrangement.

    This was generously donated to me by another NR member last year, but I've only worn it on a couple brief rides.
    It's just not a good fit for my ridiculous height/monkey arms and I'd love for someone to get more use out of it.


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  2. What is your ridiculous height? I'd be very interested if it will fit me. :)

    Ever any closer to the city?
  3. Hey, TheRussTheRuss

    I work on the Mornington Peninsula, if that helps.

    I'm 6'6" (195cm), with extra long arms, but quite a narrow chest.
  4. I'm only 5'11", so could be OK! :)
    Found this which should help me make the assessment: Sizing | Icon Motosports - Ride Among Us

    I'll measure my chest and arms tomorrow when I can hunt around for a tape without waking anyone; but at this stage I'll say "yes please".
    Worst case, measurements tell me it won't fit and I can let it go to next in line.

    Will be in touch tomorrow to arrange pickup. Thanks!
  5. Ok, mate.
    If you still want it tomorrow, please PM me your contact number.
    I'll then text you, so you've got my number and we can tee up collection time/venue.
  6. Update.
    TheRussTheRuss is interested in the jacket, and is organising collection.

    If it doesn't happen in a week, or so, I'll make it available again.
    If it's gone, I'll lock the thread.
  7. Update:

    This item is no longer available.

    Mods: Would you kindly lock this thread, if required.
    Thank you