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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mrlitespeed, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Howdy fellow two wheeled brethren. Stumbled across this cool website when I was doing a search on pocket bikes. Living in darwin at the moment, but my baby is in Perth being cared for by my best mate. She's a 2001 Kawasaki ZX7R. Bought a new number plate for her which I think is pretty fitting for the way people drive in perth. It's 'IH8CARS' Have had a few waves from drivers who are obviously riders also, and I have had a few stares from other drivers, and even been heckled by 18 year old P-Platers. But I don't care...I love it! Other riders have nodded in appreciation.
    Speaking of which...I wanted to voice a topic which I would like clarified/argued/agreed with. What ever has happened to the once common nod of appreciation from other motorcyclists as you pass them. I thought the nod used to be a common sign of respect and appreciation as you passed another biker, but it has almost vanished. I have never understood why a guy/girl on a sportsbike nods a guy/girl on a crusier or varying bike and there is no return. Have been riding for 6 years and would love to see this mark or respect return in ernest!

  2. welcome to the forums
    love the rego :LOL:

    we had a nod thread not that long ago , oh it was a buety
    have a look back and you will see it :LOL:

    have a darwin stubbie for us all :wink:
  3. Oh don't worry brother, it's alive and well here.

    I'll nod to cruisers, sporties, scooters, posties, you name it - and there's about an 80% return rate when they've seen me.

    I sure as fcuk won't nod to a squid though, especially one with his girlfriend perched up on the back in hot pants. I'd sooner kick them over at the lights.
  4. Heya mrlitespeed! Welcome aboard!!

    :D :D :D
  5. Welcome to the forums.
    I nod to everyone...well almost.
    On my way to work this afternoon I had a guy (adult with surprise surprise, no protective gear) on a pocketbike giving me a nod, I just laughed :LOL:
  6. Welcome to the forums Mr L!
  7. flipper- im about to reply to the thread of "bloody pocketbikes" i love them, but they belong on go-kart tracks or oragnised areas such as warehouse carparks. it makes me feel literally sick in the stomach when i see kids without protective gear riding them. and the adults just make me down right angry!

    groberts- i can't find the thread. do you remember what category it was in??
  8. Welcome Mrlitespeed :)

    And a big Howdy Doody to the folks up there in Darwin :D

    Bloody pocket bikes there every where!!!!
  9. Hiya Mr.

    Think this is the thread


    It's a big one so grab a beer and some nibbles before you start.

    I do tend to nod but sometimes I get "the vibe" that they ain't ever going to nod back - i.e so called badarses - otherwise it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling...

    8) I'm such a loser :LOL:
  10. Heya,

    I love your number plate :D :twisted: I always nod to other riders, if people don't nod back I turn around and chase them with my chainsaw :twisted:

    Welcome to the forum

    Lisa :twisted: