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Ignoring learners

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dantom, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Hey guys just wondering if you or other riders you know specifically ignore learner riders while on the road. Maybe its where i live but ive been riding for about 3 months and im about to go for my p's but ive noticed when i nod to other riders some will just ignore me, i know not everyone will see the subtle movement but i feel as though a lot of riders ignore the learners. Does this happen to anyone else? I will update maybe when i get my p's and see if anything changes.

  2. How would anyone you nod at know you are a learner?? Your plates at the back ?
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  3. Yeh but in vic you have to wear a hi vis vest while on your l's and maybe this is why? everyone knows your a learner in vic with that vest i even find that cars kind of "target" you and speed up to get around. It honestly doesnt bother me just one of those curious thoughts
  4. that's 3 nodding threads this week
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  5. Learn to mono mate - that should get you noticed ;)
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  6. Thats what made me think of it ;p
  7. probably nod the best timing then
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  8. smeesmee every time some one posts a nodding thread
    a small part of him dies
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  9. Can be hard to notice an "up and and down" nod; try the "down and left" for a more pronounced action. If that fails to get results then go the mono...
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  10. If you're a learner, please don't mind me saying that you should concentrate on improving your riding skills, focus on traffic, be wary of drivers and make yourself aware of the surroundings, rather than who's nodding and who's not.

    Some do and some don't... It's nothing personal...

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  11. Great - another nodding thread!
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  12. Isn't it more of a "are people shunnin me because I'm wearing a Fluro vest" thread?
  13. I couldnt agree more! its more when at traffic lights and so on. Thanks for input
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  14. Probably the same as some people at work say hi/smile/nod when you walk past them and some don't even notice you.


    Care factor = ZERO
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  15. I feel your pain Dantom it's a huge issue,
    The feeling of being ignored is gut wrenching ,just like when you try your very best to post something funny,
    and no one rates it as such ,I sometimes just want to cry.
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  16. Thanks for all the input just thought it could possibly come down to just being a learner but looks like everyone experiences it at some point. Honestly doesnt bother me im out there riding and having a good time.
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  17. THIS..

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  18. Its because you are male.
  19. but it is nice to get a nod now and then
    same as a wristy really
  20. If you are into that kind of thing from some random bikie.