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Ignorant Monday - 03/10/11

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by phongus, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Lovely Monday morning in Melbourne. Sun is shining, no clouds in the sky, no wind to be felt yet a slight crispy temperature of 12 degrees. I rugged up with thermals, my usual clothes covered with my summer gear, it was warm and comfortable...even though a max temperature of 20 was expected which will make for a hot ride home.

    I was happy, woke up earlier than expected, bike was serviced on the weekend and I was ready to venture out on my usual commute to work. Relaxed, taking in the fresh air, nose is slightly chilly and the sun was burning my retinas...I was still excited. Bike was great, no chain noise, gear changing was much smoother, clutch wasn't slipping as often and there was a little bit of extra oomph after cleaning out the filter. This was the first 5 mins in the quiet streets of Deer Park.

    Approaching first set of lights behind queuing cars ready to turn right. I was slow, steady and quite sedate. I see a silver Toyota Prius changing from the "right turning lane only" to the left lane to go straight just as the arrow turned green. There were 4 cars ahead of me turning right and 3 cars (including the Prius) in the left lane. I was still rolling towards the lights as the first lot of cars started to turn meaning I didn't have to stop. Changed to appropriate gear to accelerate.

    Travelling at about 20-30km/hr, I passed the rear wheel of the Toyota Prius and to my suprise, shock and horror, the idiotic-fucktard-planet-saving-Toyota-Prius-driving-imbecile cut me off. I didn't see no indicator, no head check or the remote oops sorry. I some how managed to move the bike to the far right of my lane while e-braking and sliding the back end without hitting the Prius. I am pretty sure I knicked his rear with my knee as the rear end was sliding to the right. I didn't stall and I didn't hit the car, I was proud of that moment, but my relaxed, happy, excited mood, turned into anger, annoyance and stress. The lights turned red as the Prius sped away while I rolled slowly forward to towards the intersection waiting for the red light to dissapear (red arrow goes away once straight green goes on between certain hours). It gave me a second to regain myself, red light disappeared and I took the turn and the Prius was dawdling along the 2 lane road. I caught up to him and gave him the bird and the death stare...he ignored me and was rather clueless, so I just left it at that and continued my commute, but this time with much more caution. If there is ever a next time, I will most likely kick his door. Unfortunately I didn't get his number plate either. Anyways if I was in the car, it would have been a fender bender.

    Continue on my merry way, within a few minutes I relaxed, fucktard driver out of my mind, out of worry and was slightly happy again. Enter the freeway on the Western Ring Rd (Ballarat entry) city bound. Everything is going fine, bike felt good and no chain rattle at higher speeds so I was happy to know the Fuchs Sikolene chain lube was working great. Dawdling along at the speed limit I get to the "McDonald's/Mobile service station" bend where traffic was slowing down to about 60km/hr. I followed the congested traffic and I was keeping my eyes peeled (hard for an Asian). Everything went smoothly...left lane opened up and I indicated, changed legally into the lane and continued at the same pace. I was keeping my eye on the "left turn only lane" where cars were queuing up to exit onto Boundary Rd and my spider sensors were tingling. Spider sensors were correct. Going at about 60-70km/hr, I noticed as I passed the boot of a silver Holden Astra, in the corner of my eye, a flashing indicator and instinct taught me to get the fuck out of the way. She came out so quickly I counter-steered my Suzuki steed to the right, parallel to the Holden's driver's door now pointing towards the side of a semi trailer, head was still pointing ahead though, not at the trailer...look where you want to go, not where you don't want to go...and managed to end up parallel with the semi trailer straddling the dividing line and the front end of the Astra. Accelerated to overtake the idiotic-retarded-yet attractive-female-Astra-driver, turned around and saw the shock in her eyes with one hand over her open mouth...If she hadn't have indicated, I think there would have been a nice collision to add to the Monday's commute for everyone else.

    Heart racing while shaking my head, I continued on my commute to work. It was incident free all the way up until the Warrigal Rd overpass and Monash Freeway entry. Once again, I was relaxed and enjoying the weather. Riding at the speed limit on the right hand lane. No one behind me, cars/trucks scattered to the left lanes while I approached a row of slow cars on the left lane. I noticed a silver Ford Focus driving a little faster and approaching the slow cars. Thought she was going to change and overtake but instead slowed down behind the slower cars as I approached cautiously. Still going at the speed limit, I was about 4 car lenghts behind the row of cars and the Ford Focus driver didn't budge for at least 200m so I travelled along making sure I am ready to brake if need be. Low and behold...idiot driver number 3, indicated (thank you), didn't head checked (idiot) and didn't notice that I was beside her rear quarter panel. Having been ready to brake, I managed to slow down and move to the right of the lane to give way to her awesome lane changing skills (sarcasm) and sit behind her. I flashed my lights and waved at her and she still didn't notice through her awesome aviators she was wearing. I just left it as is, changed to the far left lane to take the next exit to head to work.

    Note for new riders, be cautious at lights...especially after you see someone change lanes when lights are red...they might erratically change back when the green doesn't go their way.

    When riding next to queuing cars...keep an eye out for possible "jumpers"...the law may say, "no lane changes across a single/double solid white line", that doesn't mean the retard behind the wheel is going to follow it.

    Thirdly, if you're riding and you noticed a fast car in another lane slowing down behind a bunch of slow cars and staying behind those slow cars for a while, it doesn't mean they will stay in that lane for long. The driver may have short patience and when they had enough of driving slow, will change lanes, erratically or correctly, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Practice your counter steering, NR learner practice days, or go to a parking lot and bring chalk along to mark out obsticles (if you don't have cones). Practice emergency braking and if you dare, learn how to control a lock up with the rear wheel or how not to lock up the rear wheel.

    Finally...stay away from fucking small silver hatch backs on Mondays...they are out to get you!

    Cheers for reading

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  2. Deep breath, leave the retards behind you and never let them affect the remainder of your ride.
  3. Thanks chicken78...they weren't in my mind during the rest of the ride...only made me even more cautious. Only came up again when I was typing it up...to vent, help new riders and a eye opener for those who haven't had an incidence before or for a long time :).

    A lot of practice put to use today :)...which felt rather good :D.
  4. must've been the day for it. I was come up the street minding my own business, when suddenly a car that was coming down the opposite direction saw a parking space on my side of the road that was just too good to pass up. So, she turned right, (no indicator or slowing down or anything) straight across the front of me (well, half way anyway... by then she'd seen me, and then stopped beautifully in the middle of the road.) She did give me a sorry wave. Thankfully, I was prepared for just such a retard move, and was able to stop safely.

    Perhaps she just couldn't see me in the perfectly bright spring morning.
  5. I saw the hot air ballons floating over melb at 7am ish, went for a walk round the river at about 7:30am, brisk and chilly start to the day at 6deg C. jumped on the bike first time in 3 days, felt the smile on my face and jumped on citylink, smilign all the way only wanted to kick a push bike rider off as he flew thru red lights at the elizabeth st roundabout and a female driver jumped on her brakes to give him 30 feet of space, made me change lanes [without option] and thought [fark it] he can wait and he damn well did :) THAT made my morning but this gave me a laugh :) looks like GOR weather out there!!
  6. Glad you're ok OP and that your spidey motorcycling sense has been appropriately attuned.
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  8. I was stupid enough to go to Werribee for lunch (For a burger from the chip shop, what a dumbarse)
    Almost got taken out 3 times within 500 metres.
    Did a u-turn on one of the roundabouts and had to stop, well dumb biatch in a cage just didnt and came within an inch of rear-ending me. I only knew this because i heard some canvassers on the side of the road yell WOOOOOOOOOAH!.
    To cap it off the Chicken shop down there wants $9.50 for a schnitzel roll... which is a piece of schnitzel in a roll and want extra for salad and sauce, and the chinese shop blatantly ignored 3 non asians waiting for service. Every time i stupidly go to werribee im reminded of why its stupid to go to werribee.

    Goddamn mondayitis.
  9. Three things.

    1) Good job. You stayed on. Well done.

    2) Just because you just had one moment, doesn't mean you won't have another one straight away.

    3) What were you doing riding along next to the rear quarter of a car anyway? Didn't we teach you anything? Ahead of the car next to you, or behind it. If you're both in the blind spot and overlapping so they can get you, you're asking for trouble.
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  10. You need that horn, and a gun.
  11. 1) Thank you.

    2) I figured that was the case, so I was even more vigilant and eyes were peeled.

    3) I wasn't staying along side the first and second incident...I was moving and they were stationary in a queuing line of stopped vehicles. Third incident I admit, could have managed it better by moving into the left lane and staying behind the driver...lesson definitely learned.

    In other news...I came home without one incident :)
  12. On #2 spot on. If anything, after one close moment, my theory is that you are half a chance to have another because the mind often gets caught up in the drama of the last one. After a heart skipping moment is the time to absolutely be the most vigilant.

    #3 occurred to me as well. If I have to take evasive action more than seems necessary over a day, or even a couple of weeks it gets me thinking about what riding behaviour is contributing towards an upward trend. I can usually find some improvement I can make.

    In terms of riding amongst traffic, I try to give myself the best chance of being seen, riding in mirrors etc. Certain places like freeways in busy times, I sometimes prefer to just get in the outside lane and go with the flow of that, even if it is a bit slower - but I have to only worry about being seen from traffic on one side and it is less to worry about for everyone. Some days I might feel up to more than other days. Ride like they can't see you.
  13. Why is it that so many riders want to kick at cars?. Is it because nearly being hit, did'nt distract you enough already, so you thought you'd throw in a perfectly useless additional distraction from your riding, to make sure you had a perfect shot of falling off or being hit by something else that you should have noticed!

    I used to commute 35 k's each way, and was bored shItless if no-one cut me off, moved over on me, or otherwise got my attention. When they did, it was great to practice my skills and assess my alertness.

    Take on the challenges guys!
  14. Adds a little spice to your day, as long as they don't get too close. If I want table spoons of spice, I prefer to apply that myself.
  15. [-(
    Wanting is not the same as actually doing it. I frequently want to do worse than that to some of the retarded morons I come across - unfortunately it's not practicable (and illegal).

    Having said that I know of at least one former NR who has been known to remove the tail light with his boot.

  16. I was taught violence solves everything or was I misled? :p

    I must admit, without any surprises/close encounters along the way to work (50km each way), I get bored and it just turns into a chore. A little bit of action keeps me awake and alert.

    However on this day, there were more surprises I was hoping for, especially on a Monday morning.
  17. Good Lad! That's more like it. :)
    Don't think i don't empathize with you. Some days i just would have liked to be left alone to. So i do hear ya.

    I used to test my spidey senses to see which of the typical suspects was gonna do the deal, without focussing too much on any one car. It does help with your anticipary skills.
    As Tony suggested, thinking and doing are two different things, and if you were speaking metaphorically, that's ok. But noobs won't recognize the pointlessness of kicking at cars.

    Anyway back to the topic... It was a pretty testing ride, but you DID manage it well :)
  18. My wife keeps complaining that I do that when she's driving. I'll sit there and tell her "he's going to cut you off in a minute" or "that guy will come straight through without stopping". All the stuff we notice (or should) notice instinctively.

    She does get upset at me for this -but I suspect more because I'm usually right :)
  19. It was an interesting ride and got me out of my usual less vigilant commute. Definite wake up call.

    I think there should be "Verbal violence" or "Keyboard warrior" in brackets after certain sentences me think!

    Back seat driver? I do that too haha...and whoever is driving hates it.
  20. Well done for reacting correctly and in time. You just have to expect thing like that, every time! And sometimes the drivers don't even realise what has just happened. That doesn't mean they're idiots or don't care about you, they just simply didn't see you. Even with regular mirror and head checks, this can happen.

    Keep on riding like you did, with good foresight and anticipation and you won't become one of those statistics for the next TAC add (because they will definitely make it your fault).