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Ignitor Alarm special for the first 6 members

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Folks,

    Ignitech are doing a member special on their Aussie built Ignitor Alarm for Netrider Members.

    For the first 6 customers, they will get free shipping, ($16.50 value) and we know you want more. Unfortunately, all the steak knives are in my back so getting them out is an issue. They will however throw in 2 copies of RR Mag May/Jun and Jul/Aug (value $15.90)

    Taking the price of this little gem of a deal down to $180 delivered to your letterbox or your p0rn box...........

    What??? isn't that what PO BOX stands for??? :? :? :?

    You need to be a member and email me your intention to buy so I can set up a speshool discount coupon for you.
  2. a link to the product for the lazy peeps like me would be great, Vic :wink:
  3. directly to the product please Goz, im too lazy to navigate the manufacturer's homepage :p :p
  4. email sent ;-)
  5. Yes sir, but, they are still cheaper if you purchase them from the Netrider Store

    However, this special ends when all 6 of the units are sold or when the calendar claims that it is June 30 ;)

    There are 4 left to be had at $180
  6. Mine arrived yesterday. Installation was a breeze :)
    The only issue i had was trying to hook it up to the stop/tail lamp circuit.
    ( won't work effectively on a circuit feeding LEDs).
    Other than that, the unit is simple to use & very effective.
    Extremely Happy :grin:

    Thanks Vic !
  7. No worries vinnie, with LED tail lights, you can grab power from the number plate light.

    They are a great unit.

    I have 3 left at the special reduced price.
    There are 3 days left to secure one at the reduced price.

  8. Just a reminder folks, today is the last day to get one of these alarms at the best rate.

  9. no mon, no fun.

    vic you take layby? :p
  10. Sure why not, what are your proposed terms?
  11. I'm keen, PM sent.

  12. Quick question..
    Bought a membership on the 13th of Feb when you were donating the money to the bushfire relief, but it doesn't shown that I'm a member next to my name.
  13. Go the left navigation panel and click on Membership/Join, click the "update my details", log yourself in, by "fetching details", add your forum username in the last field. Press "update details". You should now see your member logo under your username.
    Hope this helps
  14. Gold star to you my friend, thanx for that.
  15. Haven't heard anything back yet. Don't want to miss out.
  16. if that doesnt work, try using your membership number. if all else fails email vic.
  17. PM was sent. Also sent email to the Ignitor company.
  18. Received mine in the post today, sent payment on Thursday, very happy with how prompt and ease of purchasing product.

    Only now need to wait till my Hornet comes back so I can put it in use. :cry:

    Cheers Vic, and also Wendy at Ignitor.