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VIC Ignition Wires Cut

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Maximisses, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Yep. Just want to report my bike wires were cut some time in the last couple of days (been home sick) I've just discovered it

    I live in the Maidstone/Maribyrnong area with a car park that is hidden from the street but is easily accessed.

    Ok, ok so I may have gotten a couple of noses out of joint because I start my bike at 6.15 am every morning. Hey, it's how I get to work. I don't drive. I got a nice letter on my bike about 6 months ago politely asking me not to start my bike under her babies room window (whoops!). I changed where I started my bike. It maybe her, she may be psycho. I don't know.

    Anyway heads up to everybody. Secure your bikes. There's some losers on the loose and perhaps one psycho lady with a grumpy baby. Meanwhile I'll be watching my bike like a friggin hawk for the next couple of days. I'll go without sleep to catch you bastards if I have too.

    That is all... :)
  2. Sorry to hear that bloke. Really annoying when people mess with your property. Time to park the baby inside mate.
  3. Thanks. If only I could get it upstairs to my apartment. :)
  4. Hidden mini recording camera I reckon.
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  5. i had a few idea's then i thought bugger it...reconnect your wires - get a needle..put some sauce in it...(diluted and a small amount) and place it in her letterbox with a note saying "look what happened when i couldn't ride today i ****ed up my shot"

    ideally i do not actually suggest doing the above at all as i'm just dribbling shit type bored after killin 750kms overnight so stick with the camera idea...possibly an alarm and then a letter to all local residents warning them of the blatant disregard for personal property explaining that it's your only form of transport and that you have put such measures in place to both prevent and catch said offender next time it happens.

    or suck it up and move somewhere better (mind you i lived in maribynong - it's a friggin nice part of melbourne)
  6. I'm not really sure it was the psycho biatch. In all regards her letter was lovely and polite so she may not be the dragon queen that I want her to be. I'm just frightened it might be some one who's attempted to steal it as we have had a few car break-ins in the area due to new apartments going up. Seems to attract the low lifes from Footscray. No offense!

    I have comprehensive so it's not a big deal, but it is my only mode of transport to work (no public transport either). Adding to that, I'm a temping slut, so no work, no pay :(

    Anyway there is a security camera that covers the car park, hopefully it's not a fake one and we can check some footage.
  7. eh i'd rather thief's than having a nutbag neighbor that's willing to go to such an extent, and LOL yes...i ventured to footscray ONCE...when in melbourne - once was enough.

    hopefully you get some closure as to whom it may be although camera's are fairly easy to avoid...regardless i forgot to post above - shit go...realistically you shouldn't have to deal with such thing's. be sure to keep us posted and best of luck !
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    I've learnt from netrider that if I ever become a grumpy man, the best way to **** with a rider that annoys me is to strip their ignition wires. However your Joe Public is far more likely to go for your more conventional mischief such as dog poop or keys to the paint coat.

    You've got a thief on your hands. They've been interupted. They could come back. Try to park under a CCTV camera for as long as possible and do whatever possible to make it secure.

  9. put dog shit on it?
  10. That sucks to hear. I live nearby to your area, and obviously I think we can both agree its correct to keep your eyes open and try to be secure as possible. It only takes one bad bastard to ruin your day.... Sit behind a nearby dumpster until they reappear, and clonk them with your baseball bat next time!
  11. :LOL:
  12. Whoops.... Blokeness :)
  13. Alarm, camera's and locks! If someone wanted it, they would have taken it. Do you guys have like a cctv in the lot?
  14. Report it to the cops as well. They won't (can't) do much but if they've had other reports or there have been thefts then they might keep an eye out (why don't we have a flying pigs smiley?)
    If it tyurns out they've had other reports at least you can cease being paranoid about the neighbours...

    You can also let it be known that it has been reported to the cops. It might deter future attempts.
  15. Do you have a window in your apartment that faces the bike and a wireless network at home?? if so its really easy to put a camera there that will send a batch of like 6 photos via email every time it detects movement in its field of view.. this can be annoying on a windy day.. but with my setup .. i can watch my driveway and anyone who comes near the front door or garage while im at work.. (and the bike aint going out any other way)

    Its clear enough to see faces during the daytime but prob less effective at night although you will get an idea if its a co resident or a nasty pastie.
  16. it could of been your grumpy neighbour.. but i doubt it they would go for some childish antics rather than stop you from using the bike.

    it was a thief and they got interrupted as has been said, you can put an alarm on it.. cheap on eBay, a disc lock, chain it to the ground etc.. its only a deterrent if they want it they will steal it.

    the camera idea is a good one, but its not hard to cover your face..

    report it to the police as well just to be sure, they probably won't do anything but if they decide to actually help the public, they might do regular patrols of the area..

    insurance is your only proper security really.
  17. Just be glad they didnt do something real silly and put grease on your brake discs. Or cut the brake hoses.

    Saw that shit happen in the 70's, and it is not pretty.

    Vandalism is not a victimless crime
  18. Your VTR is all fixed. Come get it in the morning unless you can make it here within the next 9 minutes before I close at 6pm
  19. Thanks mate.

    Yep. Will be reporting to the police today then I'm off to buy some security for my bike.

    Rang my Body Corporate. It's going to cost me $80 for them to come out and look at the CCTV footage and then $64 an hour after that. ](*,) Perhaps the police may request the footage and I won't have to pay for it.

    All I can say it that I'm glad that I have full comprehensive. Nice to know I'm covered if shit goes down and I loose my bike.