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VIC ignition wires cut!! honda cbr250r 2011 Carlton

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by keyane, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. I am living in an apartment block with secured underground carpark. This morning I found my ignition wires were cut! I think it is attempted theft because there is no other damage and the wires were stripped back.
    So angry!
    How much does it cost to get repaired? Thinking of making a police report and claiming back through insurance.

  2. Sounds like it you were very lucky. I don't think it would cost all that much to repair, and would be easy enough to do yourself. It's just replacing wires.

    For the meantime I would be very concerned about your bikes security and it sounds like someone would have got your bike if they wern't interupted. They may be back. This thread had some good tips on securing bikes:
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  3. Plus one to smiledude - consider very carefully your storage options for the next few weeks.
  4. I used to live in a sketchy neighborhood and I did a few cars up. I used to remove the ignition barrel and remove the electrical plug (PM if you need a quick photo guide to removing pins from electrical plugs - it's piss easy) and then I go to supercheap auto and buy one of those fully sik hose bling kits. (the kind that is the stainless braid hose covers) I'd slip that over all the wires and then re-install the plug and secure each end with a stainless steel cable tie.
    Cut through that you thieving bastards!

    Also - does your secure car park have video surveillance?
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  5. Is your bike loud by chance? Or do you come and go at odd hours?
  6. I think an angry neighbour is going to do something else to a bike other than stripping the ignition wires. Very creative but doesn't really get the point across.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  7. As has been said, sounds like they got interrupted halfway through their attempt at stealing it.. id be either re-thinking where you park, if possible.. or working on securing your bike a bit better than you have been doing.

    i hope you have full comp because they'll probably come back and you may not be so lucky next time..
  8. @mikey213 ... full comp is not required...

    plus you'd be a bloody fool for taking out third party without fire & theft
  9. Its easier just saying full comp, but i just re-read the bottom and he mentioned insurance so one would assume he has insurance! which is good.

    but i've said it before and ill say it again, if you can't afford to insure it for at least the basics.. maybe you should buy something cheaper that you don't care about if it gets stolen.

    but if its secured parking, there will be CCTV, ask to see said footage and go to the cops.. file a report, it may go nowhere but its a start, but first things first.. secure your bike a bit better.. its only a matter of time before they turn up again.
  10. In fact chances are that there will be no CCTV footage. In my experience even in an area with multiple cameras they always happen to be pointing in directions other than the one you need to investigate ! (Murphys strikes again).
  11. Definitely report it to the police. Probably nothing will happen but it might link up with other complaints.

    And perhaps they'll keep a more watchful eye out for the next few days.
  12. When my dad lived in Chile in the early 70's car theft was a big problem. My dad rigged the ignition through an audio jack hidden at the back of the glove box. The car wouldn't start unless the jack was in the hole. When he left the car he would just pull the jack out of the hole. It would be very easy for a theif to bypass but who is going to work that out? By far the best car security feature I have ever heard of. I wonder if something similar could be modified on a bike.
  13. my mates got the same thing on his bike expert he wired it so that you have to push something in to the 12v socket he has
  14. hi, thanks for all your replies. I have filed a police report.
    Just hope to get it fixed asap so I can ride again. already put some extra locks for the time being
  15. filed a police report.
    yeah that should do it.
    they really care.

    two words,
    baseball bat
  16. Damn, I guessed claw hammer.
  17. Not sure how far your apartment is from the carpark or how handy you are but you can get a wireless IP camera that also does audio, motion activated and pre/post recording for around $100 from Jaycar. It wont stop them from getting the bike next time but you might be able to get some good shots of them which will help identify the bastards.

    Combine it with a cheap pager alarm and you might be able to also catch them out with your baseball bat.
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  18. my friend has done this... but with his fuel pump, the switch is hidden.... so i think technically you could start the car.... but it won't run for very long!! lol
  19. It is best to report this to the Police. Although there is no evidence that will lead to a conviction, it gives them an idea what types of crimes are happening where. This in turn helps Police know the areas they should focus on crime prevention.
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