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Ignition/starting/water problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by drdave, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I'm up and running again but I thought I'd like some other peoples opinions on whats going on with my zx7r.

    Last night my bike was rained on and I ran down the shops for milk. Got back on an it wouldn't start - I had no power when the ignition was switched on. Not even dash lights. I got a push home about 1km over the hill (thanks Eden!) to my sisters house. Turns out there was some dodgy connections from my ignition to the wires which go back through the frame of the bike (to the battery I am assuming). Fixed this up and I'm away with power. I think the rain may have shorted an already dodgy connection? Now when I turn on my ignition the key has to be wiggled for the dash lights to come on and start the engine. This morning I had trouble starting it up again. It was turning over, but just not firing. When it did start it was purring like never before (actually sounded rather nice), but I knew it wasn't the normal sound. It had quite a distinct beat to it, kind of like the noise a v-twin makes. Riding to work has solved this problem and its back to normal.

    Now for the questions:
    a) would you recommend a new ignition?
    b) was it possible I had flooded it a little resulting in the louder exhaust, possibly the engine running a little rich?
    c) Why would it be hard to start after I fixed the original electric problem? Have I maybe got water in somewhere else undesirable? Spark plugs? I only had a major service a few weeks back.

    Any opinions are welcome if you have any ideas or similiar experiences. Wish me luck in it starting this arvo to get to my second job and home after that!!

  2. Probably water in the spark plug holes, shorting out one of the plugs. That would explain the purring exhaust note. Ride it a while and if it stays all good, you are fine (maybe just waterproof your connections a bit more).
  3. I've never really had a problem with it even riding in pouring rain, and its usually undercover but this time it copped a soaking at my sisters house. I still don't see why it was fine to begin with, then after the ride to the shops it played up. One of lifes mysteries I think!