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ignition problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cosmo_sydney, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. hi guys,

    im having ignition problems with my 88 honda spada.

    normally the bike starts up fine every time, not neceesarily the first time but definately second. however this afternoon the ignition sound isn't even heard when i press the start button. to make it even stranger is the button feels stiffer than usual, as if there was something blocked inside. it presses in all the way but normally the button feels loose and is easy to press with little to no pressure.

    the lights are on and appear normal so i don't think the battery is the problem.

    any ideas? i need to get home from work!
  2. Kill switch isn't set to "off" is it ;).
    Seriously though sounds like something might have broken inside the starter switch which would mean fixing/replacing it. Of course if that is the problem it should still be possible the push/roll start the bike to get it home and/or to a mechanic. Would also be possible to just bypass the switch and hotwire the bike too, but for that you'd want to know what you're doing (bad things can happen if you connect the wrong wires).
  3. kill switch is definately on when attempting to start the bike.

    i've read the jump start thread and may give this a go to get her to a shop. but if there's anything else im missing/can do then i'll give it a go.
  4. Hey mate, Atari doesn't like me so I can't email ya :)

    Flick the kill switch on and off a few times, turn off the headlight, flick the key on and off, check the fuses (box under the seat). If you're still stuck around 4:30 I should be coming past.
  5. cheers yak. i gave this a go but still nothing.

    i'll try to jump start her and ride it over sydney motorcycle wreckers for a new battery.
  6. all sorted now thanks.

    turns out the switch is a little broken but still usable.
  7. Glad you got it sorted mate, may as well buy the new battoir now to be safe.