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Ignition Barrel stuffed....can i use anyone? + No bottom end power.. GSF250V

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, Aug 25, 2010.

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    UPDATE VIDEOS ADDED!! Ignition Barrel stuffed....can i use any ignition barrel? + No bottom end power.. GSF250V

    Gday guys, My little bandit has been sitting in the shed for quite some time now, still havn't gotten a battery for it.

    Now here comes to my question...Oh my little bandit the ignition barrel doesn't hold the key into the barrel.
    Do i need a original GSF250V barrel to replace it with? or can i just get a standard replacement of ye old eBay?


    Also my bike is gutless as a pig in low rpm...is this normal? When i owned my 1989 cbr250r, it went much much better then my gsf250v in the bottom rpm range. Both go about the same up top, but the bandit will start loosing rpm when im going up a bit of a hill and just cruising, even on full throttle.

    Dont think the cbr ever did that...Could this be caused by the cam chain tensioner?

    Either there is something wrong with the little bandy or ive just gotten used to my dirtbike to much :-s

    UPDATE: Youtube Videos

  2. The ignition barrel replacement with universal parts might be doable - do you have pics of the busted barrel and wiring?

    For the power question, have you changed the spark plugs since getting the thing out?
    You might be right about the cam chain being slack, but my first instinct would be to look at the easy fixes and work my way towards the nasty jobs.

    EDIT: This might help with the diagnosis (you need to make an account to view it, and this is for the 400 but still mostly applicable):

  3. Cheers boy racer, I changed the spark plugs when i bought it along with a fresh oil filter + oil.
    Its probebly due for a oil change, i like to do them every 6 months.

    Only reason i suggested the cam chain tensioner is it made a rattle/tapping noise at low rpm/idle. When you accelerate the noise is gone. Least from what i remember, havn't started it in about a month due to the battery....

    I will check out the barrel and take some snaps when i go home for lunch :p
    Downloading the manual as we speak.
  4. Could be time to check the valves, if they are out of spec you can lose power.
  5. How would i go about checking the valves? Ive got myself a feeler gauge, but i think these valves are shim design?

    Wish there was a proper gsf250v service manual around. Ah well....and that manual from that link above has failed on me twice... dammit. I will have to try downloading it when i get home.

    Would the 400 valve clearance's be the same as the 250? :\
  6. For the valve clearance, these are the 250 ideal specs:

    Valve Clearance when cold

    Inlet: 0.10 - 0.15 mm or .004" - .006" (Approx. for the inches)

    Exhaust: 0.15 - 0.20mm or .006" - .008"

    Valve clearance adjustment is covered in the maual I linked, but this info is also quite useful in explaining the job:


    Unfortunately I don't think you will have a lot of luck finding a manual for the 250. From what I've gleamed it was a Japanese specific, not intitally destined for export model.

    Most people seem to be getting by with the 400 manual.
  7. Because it is a Suzuki, chances are the barrel will fit off many other models.

    The first place I would be looking for bottom end power on one of these would be a carbie sync. Just a bit out can make 250/4s gutless down low. Doing a carbie clean first is a good idea too.

    Also consider that the gearing is likely different than the CBR.
  8. Don't suppose the engine was shared with the Across by any chance? Seems unlikely that Suzuki would have multiple 250/4 designs on the books.
  9. Thats a good idea, i will check out other suzuki models, maybe can even score one off a wreck. But if that brand new barrel off ebay will fit, seems ok for under $100.

    And in regards to the carby, me and the old man have taken them off, cleaned them out with the air compressor, there was a bit of gunk in there and it did make it go a LITTLE better....but imo no where near its potential.

    Could be a carby problem too, i have no idea how to tune them as well, i can tinker with my dirtbike carby fine in regards to jetting and adjusting the air screw but with 4x carbies id have no idea where to start...When i just slam on the throttle it feels like it chugs a bit then picks up. So could mean the mixture is off.

    Also when i went to take it in to a rwc, strangely enough the guy who owns the place (know him pretty well) thought it sounded like it was running off 3cylinders....i was like wtf as if! If it was id imagine it would be backfiring and run like COMPLETE crap...this is just running like crap ;) I checked all spark plugs and they all have spark so i am not sure if that could be the case too...
  10. That sounds about right.

    No wonder it's slow. :LOL:

    Seriously though, have a squiz at the valves. Could be a whole bunch of things, I reckon you're gonna have to just write down some possibilities and eliminate them one by one. At least it's not electrics stuff, **** of a job that is...
  11. I have looked into this, and i have heard that they are similar with the older models, but the ones with the VVT are different ](*,)
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  13. Starters the Idle should be a little higher. That tapping sounds like a sticking tappet fault.
    The old hydraulic rockers on a VL have a similar sound when they become clogged with crap.
  14. Last time i remember i adjusted the idle to be at just under 2,000rpm.
    I adjusted it at 1800. Manual said have it 1700-1800 if i recall correctly.

    I thought the valves on the GSF250V were the shim type design :\
  15. Update: Added another video. for a total of 3.
  16. I've got some manuals for the bike. I've just uploaded them now, but it would be great if we can have someone host them permanently. Searched long and far to find these... Also got 400cc manuals below (93mb as it includes both older models and newer) :)

    GSF250V wiring diagram.tif - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ID52KTAN
    GSF250VY Service Data.pdf - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KHX5KC26
    GSF250VY Service Procedure.PDF - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6APCZQII
    GSF250V Manual (as pictured pages) - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DUGDXOD5

    GSF400 Manuals 1991+ - http://rapidshare.com/files/417161373/400_Bandit_Manuals.rar ( Apparently file can only be downloaded 10 times!! *sigh* had no idea from the start... hopefully someone can get a permanent link/host it.
  17. Thanks heaps dimi!
    Did you check out the vids? I take it you have a 250 bandit too, judging from your avatar.

    Have you done any valve, cam chain, carb balancing work on yours?
  18. I havn't done any of those things, but its on my list of things to do when i get time (currently working on a new house so it takes priority). Its reached 41k so definitely time to check all those things.

    I have checked out the vids, but all i can say is your red cover looks redder than mine :) haha sorry cant really be of any help.
  19. Ahhh good old priorities :p
    If only we didn't have them!

    I ended up downloading all those manuals and was having a read through. The 400 one is really detailed.
    I wish i knew what book the 250 scans were out of so i could find a copy! would be awesome to have one, though this thing looks a bit more complicated then working on my 2 stroke dirt bike !
  20. Take your time, line things up as you take them apart in order, take your time, have a beer, take your time, get it right first go.
    It looks intimidating, but once you know how to work around such items its really all the same shit different shovel. :) Good luck!