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IFBB Pro Grand Prix V

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kiss_the_future, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Anyone go to the show?

  2. Do you come with English subtitles?
  3. No sorry you're gonna have to play the guessing game...and i guess no one else went to the show besides me.

    I guess there are no other bodybuilding fans on here but me.
  4. i couldnt swap my shift,was it good????
    i seen the guys at the airport.
    gett any pics???
  5. Yeah the show was alright, seats were pretty empty and the people running the show were all over the place.

    Of course the best part of the show was when the pros came out...at the end of the show some of the pros came out into the crowd and allowed spectators to take pics. The overall winner was our very own Lee Priest (Junior Superman) beating big man Chris Cormier.

    P.S I didn't get any pics but check out dohertysgym.com, they may have posted pics from the show
  6. no probs mate
  7. Body building! Do you mean men with well developed muscles? God damn it why wasn't I told?!
  8. Well something tells me you would have caused a scene...just a guess.