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If you're planning on going into a franchise operation.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 29, 2009.

  1. Either do your homework very well, or just don't.

    This http://snipurl.com/izn7j [www_aph_gov_au] is a submission to the Australian Senate on unconscionable practises in franchising, with particular referened to Midas Mufflers. The report is dated October 2008.

    Check out the list on page 11 of Franchise operations which have been the subject of serious complaints by their clients, the poor francisees, in recent years :shock:
  2. just about every franchise I can think of sucks balls as both a business and a provider.
  3. Agreed, unless it's fastfood. Those ones do ok.
  4. I disagree. Most seem to be ok to me.
  5. WOW - even my last Franchise made the list :roll:

    Ya thinking of the wrong ones :p
  6. Re: If you're planning on going into a franchise operation..

    What I actually have to work to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year :shock:

    And I was supposed to do Due Dilligence, not just sign a cheque :oops:
  7. Wasn't having a shot at you Alex :).
  8. All's cool :wink:

    But unless ya working for one - why bother with "wives tales" :roll:
  9. well, actually, I was searching for a certian person, and the name came up with reference to a franchise, then that reference led to the site I posted. I guess any business is what you make of it, eh?
  10. Bingo - franchises will often lead to quicker return on investment, albiet, a larger one. But very hard to walk away and leave it all to be managed - but does happen...
  11. As I work for a supplier (former that is) to Midas australia, I get the circulars from the administrators, Ferrier Hodgson.

    Interesting reading. Of interest, has anybody noticed that some of the midas branches have changed names?
  12. Would you like his number? Calling to apologise perhaps? :LOL: