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If you're already full of metal...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by petethemuso, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. If you're already full of metal from repairs after a recent "oops" and you have another "oops", what happens? How do the doctors deal with it? Has anyone here a story to tell?

  2. They had to replace a plate in gibbers shoulder with a bigger one. So I guess they just patch you up as required each time.
  3. Cut you open, rip out old bits if they were damaged in the accident or are in the way of putting in new bits, they then put in any required new bits, close you up and wish for the best.
  4. The only thing I've found is that once you've got "metal" in you, any future diagnosis has to exclude M.R.I. because it doesn't go well with the metal inserts. In my case I'd already had a spinal fusion with screws and plates inserted to stabilise the fusion site while the bone graft knitted. A subsequent injury to the level above the fused one was only able to be diagnosed with ordinary x-rays and a myleogram. There's always the chance that if I have an "off" I could bend or break a screw or two, but that would most likely show up under x-ray.
  5. That's encouraging so far - I had visions of the existing work doing hideous internal damage in any subsequent "off"
  6. Like this
  7. Hmm .. it's still something I think about too. Basically in my situation I've had L5/S1 in my lower back fused. Later on I stuffed L4/L5 which perhaps should have been fused as well ... but, given I already had one level locked up, doing the one above would have meant I'd have lost a large amount of flexibility and had increased problems re further scar tissue adhesions to nerves etc so the 2nd fusion was never done. From what my Doc' tells me ... even a minor "off" could see me in a wheelchair permanently .. but then again he's never ridden either so hasn't a clue what sort of addiction/disease it is :grin:

    So .. as things stand at the moment ... I've got a very dodgy disc at L4/L5 which can't take much in the way of additional aggravation at all. The L5/S1 level is "fused" so is unlikely to budge. The only problem in that area would be likely "soft tissue" damage because the "screws" that are still in there have basically been trimmed off with an angle grinder .. leaving sharp daggy ends!! I had a go at my ortho surgeon when I saw the x-rays after the op and said "Sheeesh .. ya could have chamfered the ends or even whacked a couple of nice chrome domed nuts on the ends to finish them off nicely!!! :LOL: :LOL:

  8. Depends on the time frame. I had titanium screws put in my wrist, wasn't allowed to get an MRI 3-4 weeks later but soon as I hit 6 weeks, it's all OK to get MRI (which I got done). If the pins/screws were another metal that may stuff up getting an MRI done but Im fairly sure they told me any metal insert is good if you wait 6 weeks+
  9. I have titanium knee joints, the doc said that if I bugger them, I'll have to have my knee fused straight...... :cry: Na, I'll have them fused to the GSXR seat-footpeg angle :wink:
  10. I asked about that when I had the bits put in my arm...

    The surgeon said don't worry about it - if there's a problem they'll take them out and replace them... He did make rude comments about motorcycle riders being prone to this... :evil:

    As birdrock said though if it's in your back or somewhere important there could be a problem. :cry:

  11. Ah yeah, sensitive areas with inserts might pose a problem. Hope I never have to find out.
  12. I had an oops skydiving once upon a time and broke my left ankle. It needed to be pinned/screwed back together.

    While the pins were in I was recommended NOT to skydive in case I did more damage with another oops. Apparently, the repair options would have been horribly limited and future prospects for the ankle would have been very poor if a 2nd oops occured to that ankle whilst pins were inserted...

    In this case I followed said advice - got the pins removed ASAP though...
  13. Ahh yes ... my screws/plates are surgical grade "stainless" ... which probably has a slight magnetic property. Titanium is non-magnetic so that's most likely where the difference lies. I had my "metal" inserted way back in 1992 so titanium was probably out of reach financially back then. Given the insurance company/Workcover system back then I was probably lucky to get an ortho surgeon and surgical grade stainless!! If the powers that be back then had gotten their way it probably have been a couple of "tech-screws" inserted by a home handyman with a bottle of Johnny Walker for anaesthetic!! :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Yeah titanium is much cheaper world wide with the demise of the Soviet Union and the availiability of large amounts of used Alpha class Nuclear Submarine. Just dont go near a gieger counter :)
  15. Nice, it'll bolt your leg together _and_ ensure he hospital gets repeat business 10 years down the track...

    What will they think of next :p
  16. Im worried about my bone graft actually healing.
    i feel as though i have a false sence of security as the plate and screws holding my collarbone together give me the impression its working. BUT i was told not to move it and allow the bone graft to mend. i dont know if it has as I can still move it the same as i could when i got out of hospital, it just doesnt hurt so much now.

    If I lean the bike over too much i might get some sparks of the shoulder, and i wont feel it due to my nerve ending not working anymore so I need to KEEP my chicken strips- they are my new safety strips.