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If you're after an unkillable phone.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. buy a Samsung flip phone. I must have had mine a couple of years now, and it's been dropped so many times I can't recall, sat on a million times 'cause I keep it in my back pocket a lot of the time, gets regularly attacked with compressed air (I'm a boilermaker so the magnets in the mic/speaker attract vast clumps of metallic dust), survived a couple of decent getoffs on the bike and still goes like a charm. It's outlasted a couple of my mates supposedly superior Nokia rubber cased tradies phones, and all it has to show for it is the paint worn off the outer casing.
    Phones and I don't really bond well. I've killed 2 supposedly dust and water resistant Siemens phones in under a year, had a shocking and traumatic experience with every Motorola phone that I have laid eyes on so I did not expect much from a sub $100 phone.
    My latest effort to kill it involved a bucket of water, and washing paint brushes. Had it in my top pocket, bent over and plop, WTF was that? Fished around in the bottom of the bucket for 1/2 a minute to find it, popped the battery and SIM card out, sat it on the dashboard of my car (thats the hottest place I can find at the moment without actually melting it) and left it for the day. Slipped the battery back in this morning and f#ck me dead -it's alive. A true wonder of modern science. Okay, it only makes phone calls but that's all I expect. It's a phone -after every thing's said and done.

    PS I must confess one small lapse of faith. I actually went and bought another phone while I was waiting for old faithful to dry out. For the princely sum of $59. Unlocked and brand spanking new with 12 months warranty. Yep, you guessed it, another Samsung flip phone. Anyone want a new phone? One careful owner. This one is really state of the art. It has a built in FM stereo radio. The wonders of technology. Never cease to astound and amaze me they do.

  2. im counting down the days till my iPhone calls it a day, kicks the bucket hands over its guns hangs up the gloves and bins itself...

    seems you will not have this problem

    actually i was at a wedding recently and not one but TWO people got thrown into the pool with a pocket full of iPhone... 2 grand worth, Gone!
  3. Never gonna party with you, bloke.
  4. you are right on the money.
  5. I don't get invited to that sort of wedding :(.
  6. i recently bought two samsung flips for 50 each. one for me one for the lady. Both are on virgin so we get completely free talk and text. has saved me more than they cost already.

    Is it PINK?
  7. What is it with people killing their phones? My brother goes through a mobile every 4-6 months. I've had my mine for 2 years and it still looks new.

  8. I could say something here but ... :-#

  9. Are you saying I have no friends to call? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. So the Samsung flip phone I had that got damp - not wet, just damp -and was totally unrepairable must have been an abberation then?

    The repair guy said he gets a lot of Samsungs in for repair.
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  12. I had a Samsung slide phone (U700) that got just damp, too.
    It was rooted, and I hated the buttons on it too.

    Probably will avoid Samsung phones in the future.
  13. I'm a big fan of flip phones too, much easier to pick up the phone whilst riding ;)
  14. :oops:

    Golly, mine is samsung...its a flip fone....and its pink.... and it has survived the jaws of a german shepherd ( he likes to eat the little antenna off it ) on multiple occasions. Had it 2 years, and i want another one.... but the question is...

    to flip or not to flip...again? iPhone is the latest rage isnt it? Havnt heard much about them, and they arent pink

  15. I have had shocking experiences with Sony, ericssons, Nokias, samsungs, etc... Never had a bad one with a motorola.

    Then again... I am currently using a N95... combined with the Scala Bluetooth... awesome. Just need to upgrade the speaker for the scala :) bluetooth music streaming is much more comfortable then headphones.
  16. My Motorola RazR fliPhone recently went swimming when my backpack filled with water during a storm (the pack was waterproof until that day)

    The backlight died, but after a night in a bowl of dry rice the phone itself still has full functions. I just need a very bright light source to read anything on it.
  17. i totally agree with the OP

    the ex misses use to have 1, i dropped it, kicked it, dropped it in water
    but the 1 that took the cake,
    i drove over it in the rx7 1 nite

    5mins later went back cos we couldnt find it in the car, was on the gravel
    phone still rang, could dial numbers, could hear etc but has a smashed screen
    it was a samsung flip aswell :)

    i've had a good run with sony ericssons, k800i's
    dropped it, kicked it, dropped it in water when i had a broken hand
    still have the phone sitting in my cupboard waiting for a rainy day