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If you're a forum troll and you know it click in here :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by AshR1, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. What was the first one?

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  4. Can I get a coffee first?

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  5. How many hours till home time?

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  1. Good morning all, it's a beautiful 9 or 10 degrees outside and it's a little soggy to boot for those of us riding to work in melbourne this morning.

    How's everyone's week shaping up?

    Mine's kicking along well, I have a coffee and it's Tuesday so another day closer to the weekend :)
  2. well you could of atleast added a poll.....us forum trolls like polls :grin: yep wet cold, and lots of issues at work....why did i bother getting up today..... :-k must be more to life then the shit i am dealing with at the moment :tantrum:
  3. oo oo a Poll, great idea

    yeah it was a little crazy in here yesterday cleaning up jobs from the weekend (I do it support for JB HIFI) but tuesday isn't looking too bad :)

    Poll is up :) btw that was a really quick reply, I wish I were half the forum troll you are :p
  4. Yeah, bring on the poll Ash'.
  5. poll is up and running :)

    so what's the plan for today?
  6. plan today is to sit at work ... bored all day ... waiting till the boss leaves so I can sneak off home.
  7. that's not a bad idea :)

    I used to love my old job as my boss'd get bored around 330ish and would leave, so I'd finish up whatever I was doing and usually leave around 4pm :)
  8. It's snowing outside and I have no heating in my office.
    I'm too busy trying to keep warm to be bored.
  9. Snow in ballarat???? Bugger

    had ~20cms at Buller yesterda/last night.... sooo can't afford to goto the snow again till I head to NZ on the 2nd Aug

    soon soon though
  10. work? you guys have to work?
  11. Cold and can't be fcuked today :cry:
    Worst part of it is having to do RWC checks on dripping wet cars today.
    At least the game of dodging drips of water whilst cars are hoisted can break the boredom. :p
  12. Yep it's snowing (or at least was, it's stopped now). Just checked the weather website and it's currently just 3.7 degrees - though the "feels like" temp is listed as 0.9.

    Hope it stays like this, I'm off to North Qld next week :LOL:.
  13. worst would be if you get one down the nape of your neck when you're leaning forward :| I hate it when that happens, usually scares the crap out of me
  14. It's even raining in Brisvegas this morning - so since I was bringing the wife and the lappie, and didn't fancy teaching in steaming pants, I took the cage. Meant I didn't get the morning boost from the ride in, so getting started with work is that much harder. Been faffing about fairly unproductively for the first hour. Might go dig up something to eat (not literally) then come back and get into it - the day just drags longer if I slack.
  15. Casual employee of the NSW Department of Education, I'm on holidays for the next two weeks, I've just done a minor tweak on the footpegs on the Hornet and it's 16 degrees and gloriously sunny outside..

    problems, what problems???
  16. Even worse .. hot oil from an oil leak :shock: OUCH
  17. -1 you tease :(
  18. coffee at our work, means foosball :)
  19. and as far as being a fourm troll, what do you think my post count indicates :rofl:???
  20. yeah that's one thing I miss about the shepp news (my last job) they had a pool and a pool table I was playing 4-8 games of 8 Ball a day :)

    We don't have room for a table here :( don't even have a "lunch room"