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If your TomTom Rider 2 stops charging...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Tribos, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. So... My stupid TomTom stopped charging... this is the 2nd time it happened and the problem was with the docking station. I searched for a solution and found a thread on the TomTom forum... some dude called Alcapone fixed his, but lacking photos I decided to add a few and here is the result....

    This repair saved me $170 Au (being the cost of the new part) as TT would not replace my charger (2 mths out of warranty)... and also they claim to be unable to repair the part...

    NOTE TO ALL: If in warranty, CLAIM at first sign of trouble (it will break)...

    Some pics for Alcapones notes...

    To do this I opened the gap between the housing by jamming a few coins in-between the moving parts. I used a hack saw blade to cut the pin with minimal damage to the plastic. Note: there are 2 pins (not 1 going all the way through...)

    Don't worry about cutting thru the connectors - they are quite robust. I attacked from the accessible side and then the ends eventually prising off with a small screw driver...



    Same - except my springs seem to be gold plated.... still it died... one of the pins was quite badly corroded as well... (TT must be using a 2nd rate kinda gold...)


    As far as I am aware they are to tell the TTR2 that it is docked in the bike charger... I removed the middle 2 pins and used them for the power. This means I had 2 holes to plug...

    Before you put it together make sure you have the pins the right way around... I put them in backwards on my 1st attempt and one of the springs got stuck and is now FUBAR (stretched such that it is no longer a spring).

    Short end of the pin makes contact with TT - long end of pin has spring around it and makes contact with charger... (at least this is what worked for me...)


    Hope it helps, Cheers Steve
  2. Have you got it connected to power continuously?
    Mine was and the gold pins corroded. Bought a $30 part from BMW that connects the OEM GPS to the wiring loom and problem went away.
  3. Hi ya Vic

    Yep - connected directly to the bike battery. I've been thinking about tapping into the headlight with a relay, or so, but never got round to it. Still, it should not have died (this is already my 2nd cradle)...

    At any rate I think this is more of a moisture ingress / materials issue and don't think changing the way the TT is connected to power will fix the problem. Probable best bet would be to get a cover for the docking station to keep water out when TT is not connected... (or perhaps I could buy a car...)

    Cheers, S
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