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If your L's run out, do you have to do rider training again?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. as above. sorry, couldn't find an answer when searching other posts.

    this is a question aimed at NSW riders (i know the laws are different in other states)

    do you have to do your 7 hours of training again or can you just do your knowledge test again?

  2. You have to do the training again.

    The only difference the second time around is you don't have to wait the three months before going for your Ps.
  3. If your Ls expire, you need to go through the entire process again: i.e. book and pass your pre-learner's and also pass your knowledge test for your Ls.

    this should have been outlined to you during your pre-learners course.
  4. Yeah, when I was on my L's course there was one guy who had ben riding for some time but not ad an opportunity to attempt the P's test.

    He did tell me that even though he had done the course before he definitely learned from the second attempt.

  5. it probably was outlined to me but this was 9 or so months ago and i couldn't remember. thanks heaps for your responses. mods you can lock/delete this thread if you want!
  6. Yea you have to do the training again, but I really don't see why you would ever have to sit your Ls again. First off you are given a whole year to practice the 6 different manouveres that form the Ps test. Secondly if you've gone 11months and haven't bothered to look at what's in the test, a week of hardcore practice will see even the most hopeless people get themselves up to a 'passing' standard.

    I'm not saying the U turn, coneweave, swerve etc are super easy, but they are all very achievable with a bit of practice so to renew your Ls I think is taking the easy way out and not really getting you anywhere. :p
  7. i have been practising thanks to the guys at homebush on wednesdays, but it's harder than i thought it would be and the turning circle on that bike is crap (as far as my experience goes). i can't even walk the ZZR around the U-turn. I must be doing something wrong. I fully intend on getting there and passing but I just wondered what the consequences would be if I didn't pass. I can do the tight corner and emergency stop ok, but that cone weave and U turn.. sigh.
    I'll get there somehow lol.
  8. If you're not too far west or north in syd, i don't mind mentoring you through it.

    I had the most trouble learning the u-turn, practiced till my wrists went blue, i'll get you up to speed. :wink:

    There's just a couple of things that you have to make sure you do to be able to pull it off.
  9. Sure it was the u-turns making your wrists blue?
  10. Yep, you have to do them again...
  11. :LOL: Smartass!

    Well that and thinking bout your missus :LOL:
  12. I should take that as a complement. You would rather think of my missus then of your own.
  13. Yeh man, I just love how she has no boundaries. She puts two girls one cup to shame! :eek:
  14. Just keep coming to the meets on wednesday's and book in a couple of week's before they run out to do your P's.....That way if you fail you still got the cheap ($45 i think) Option of just doing the MOST at the end of the day the next week.....They are there to teach you for the 5-6hrs in the morning how to pass the MOST....You'll be right....

    BTW when do your L's expire?......
  15. 24 July. So still a few months off but I don't want to leave it any longer, I want to master those skills sooner rather than later so I'm not freaking out at the end of June :)

    I'm grateful to have a resource like Netrider though! really helps with support for beginner riders.

  16. +1 :WStupid:
  17. I ride a ZZR and have no troubles with turning small 'circles' or U turns ...
    for me, countersteering works a treat every time :)

    CS makes the cone weave (slalom) SOOOO much fun! :grin:
  18. maybe you can help me out then with some tips!!
  19. Hey, I was in the same position. I got my L's in Mar 06, and only went for my P's 5 days before the L's ran out. (I caught a nasty inner ear virus that left me pretty fooked up for nearly 2 years). Turns out, I just practiced for 2 hours every day for 2 weeks before the P's test, and passed easily, on my ZZR250. Just find an open car park and practice figure 8's and get tighter and tighter. Don't go too slow or you will put your foot down. That is all I practiced for the 2 weeks. Figure 8's.
    Good luck...
  20. ride the clutch. use the rear brake. Tip it in, use a bit of power (feed the clutch in a little) to pull her back upright. Easy as piss.