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If you won $2 Million dollars what would you do?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bretto, May 25, 2011.

  1. First off I would put it in a 5 year long term deposit with bank west at 7.10% pa and live off the interest of $2730 a week ($142,000 a year). Live off $1000 a week and save $1730 a week for a rainy day.

    What about everyone else?
  2. I'd build myself a race track.

    (All right, it might be a little small...)
  3. Might be big enough to get up to 100kph? haha. Id just spend a little of the $1000 a week to buy a membership to a track and race their whenever I wanted haha.
  4. 2mil? I'd buy myself a house and set it up, 3 bay shed with workshop and tools, a few bikes, a car or 2, bikes for my kids etc, set my mum up in an apartment so she doesn't have to have tenants just to afford rent and that would leave 6-700k to invest in i dunno what.
    (this is actually something i think about whenever i hear of big lotto draws
  5. I would spend the money on drugs
  6. I'd be making love to seven beautiful naked women on a Bahamas island resort and Netrider would not be able to compete so you wouldn't hear from me ever again.
  7. Go to work and give everyone the SHITS for as long as I can
  8. Haha yep I'd Charlie Sheen it up (seven gram rocks!!!!) and then probably end up in rehab and broke :angel:
  9. I'd tell my wife I won a million and give her half, and then tell her she can go anywhere she likes.
    Me, I'm taking my mill and a half and I'm going to the States to ride to Sturgis and do Route 66, then the Isle of Man,and Europe to ride the Nurburgring, Tibet on an Enfield, mate I just hope she hasn't found out about the other mill by the time I get home.
  10. buy a house, ride bike around aus for 6 or 9 months while money enjoyed sitting in bankwest account earning me interest, and the house i bought with the tennants paying rent each week while i was riding also going straight into the bankwest account.

    i'd leave $500,000 in bankwest account permanently, go on a round the world trip and then come back to my house, kick tennants out and start my own business.
  11. I'd buy a brewery and spend the rest of my life permanently pissed.
  12. Buy an apartment in the city (with secure parking of course), invest most of the rest except enough for a reasonably new V8 Ute and a repairable write-off.

    Edit: Btw, you have to pay tax on interest earned. For that reason I'd put a bunch into super.
  13. Have you calculated the ATO's cut in your plan? Also you dont get the 7.1%pa rate if you withdraw interest during the term.
  14. G'day everyone,...

    I'd invest it!
    Then just pay yourself an anuity of 40-50 grand a year, roll the rest over to build the principal and live a damn good life!

    Dr Who?
  15. Problem with that is that you'll pay half in tax, interest earn't is taxable. Either way 70k nett pa is doable if your not raising a family and not strung in debt to the banks.

    1. Overseas investments, 2. very long holiday 3. more bikes!
  16. i'd prob put $100,000 into shares also.

    didn't know about the bankwest leave in thingy, and forgot about the tax... hmmm...

    i'd buy one more bike definitely and probably a ute or van also.
  17. Sounds like a decent plan. Steady income still coming in from investments.

    Haha I guess id have to chuck that on my list aswell.

    That'd be sweet being able to do whatever and not care if you get fired!

    Well if that happens give me a tell because I wanna ride isle of man!!

    Id definatly be goin for a long as ride round aus with a few close mates!!
  18. What would you call it?

    Yeah it's been pointed out to me it wasnt the best layed plan haha still be making a fair amount of money off it still though.

    Yeah I just didnt know how much the ATO takes..

    Thats a better thought out plan than mine haha.
  19. i would build a kickass supermoto track similar to the one in Bulgaria, buy a couple bikes with all the bling.

    then a normal house, big shed filled with lots of gym gear, an empacher single scull rowing boat, a car that runs 7 second quarter miles, a dirty s13 silva drift car and an R31 skyline wagon that looks stock but has around 600hp.
  20. Oh yeah, full licence for the cage in a month so might as well take advantage of that and get myself a GT-R or something.