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If you were suddenly filled with the feeling you were going to vomit while riding…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. …what would you do?

    I was presented with this situation last night on my way home from the ice rink after hockey. It was very late and I had worked myself to the point of absolute wipeout exhaustion… stopped at a servo to chug a gatorade and hopped on the bike for the short (15 minute or so) ride home.

    I found myself at 80km/h with a feeling I hadn't experienced for a very long time: The need to expel the contents of my stomach, right now! So I signalled, checked left, and hauled ass through a few lanes to the side of the road where I put down my sidestand and reached for my chinstrap… but the feeling subsided. I waited a couple of minutes to be sure, and got back on the road. I definitely didn't feel well, but I made it home and got into bed.

    So I escaped without actually puking, but the idea stuck with me: What if I had been in traffic and not able to get to the side of the road quickly? Would I have crashed?

    What if I had been curled up in a puddle of my own puke laying in the grass and a cop came up, how would I explain it?

    and most importantly… how would I ever get the smell out of my helmet?

    So, anyone been there and done that?

  2. well i am new to riding, it hasnt happened to me.......i had my first sneeze the other day, wasnt too bad.....
    but your case, that is full on.....i hate to think of what could happen
  3. Yeah, sneezes are annoying enough… I've found that burps are astonishingly loud with the visor sealed, I think I burp at a frequency that just reverberates sharply enough to actually be kinda painful to the ears.
  4. Ive found burps stink in the closed helmet :p.

    Vomit while riding (kinda), I have twice, McDonalds to blame for the noteworthy one.
    I was quick enough to get over and raise the visor and pull the helmet down enough to get aobut 98% of it out of the visor, the rest i used my neck warmer to mop up and washed it and me when i got home.

    Other was a new medication that disagreed with my stomach, but i was wearing an open faced helmet then, so i just projectiled and kept going.
  5. Oh man, how'd that go?

    My big fear was that I'm sort of a power-puker, so I was wondering if I'd be able to control the bike… but then again, I suppose the body would recognize the need to keep it under control and maybe dial back the muscle contractions ](*,)
  6. Hilarity would ensue, definitely.

  7. mordeth??
  8. Actually it's one of the few times you could speed or be involved in an accident without being held to account legally. Involuntary body spasms it comes under...i.e. you're not in control of your body.

    If you're smart you can work out the others (but don't post them here) ;)
  9. You can even get away with driving your family into the water if your sneezing
  10. wow....major case for a flip front helmet!
  11. You're not very smart are you?
  12. Do what any good girl should do-swallow.
  13. Big night on the grog at Dargo, hit the hills headed for Lacola the next morning - landed a jump and projectile vomited in my helmet, it soaked in to the foam around my goggles too... First river crossing was a welcome sight...
  14. It happened to me. I had eaten some fish and chips for a late lunch (3pm or so) and didn't feel so crash hot after... went around to my aunt n uncles, and dinner was out take out gourmet pizza (and spring rolls). I ate what I could but couldn't shake the weird feeling. While watching the movie I was thinking... i'm gonna vomit I am I am... but it would go away. left at about 11:30 or 12 that night (and i lived 5 minutes away) and was feeling really icky and on the verge but thought it'd die down... NOPE!

    half way home, (2.5 mins into the journey) i had the urge and it was coming! blinker, gloves, chinstrap RUSH RUSH RUSH, run to tree BLEEEEEEEERRRRRGGGGGG VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT BLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGZZZZZZHHHHH....

    And a few more times. Wiped with my face wipes that I carry about, shoved some gum into my mouth after drinking some water (what else do backpacks carry? :D), got home, shower, teeth, bed. sleeeeeeeeep. woke late and felt fab :D
  15. Been there ... riding home one night from visiting friends, after a coupla beers and a lot of spag bolognese.

    Came this close to getting the full-face helmet off. 8-[ Managed to hold back the first couple of spasms, but the next one sprayed chewed spaghetti out of my nostrils ... and that was it.

    Hooray and up she rises

    Never really did get the smell out of the helmet on hot days.
  16. Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck :rofl:
  17. That would have to suck in epic proportions.
    It is like finding the spot you missed after mopping up spew, once the water hits it again after a while... OMFG!

    And you gotta love m13's eating ATGAT attempt, that guy is crazy!
  18. Quote:
    Originally Posted by spenze View Post
    You can even get away with driving your family into the water if your sneezing

    You're not very smart are you?

    He hasnt gotten away with it yet.
  19. yep it was mordeth13 eating macdonalds via his open visor - its not him puking up
  20. If you were suddenly filled with the feeling you were going to vomit while riding…

    It's such a comfort to know that every stupid idea I have Mordeth had it first, and got caught on camera too =D