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If you were riding through the spur this weekend...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by StereoHead, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. If you were riding through the spur this weekend...

    There may be a photo of you on this guys website...


    He is setting up one of those charge for pictures sites, but at the moment they are free..

  2. CooooOOOOoool.
  3. i should try set something up like that too :)
  4. Vicroads and the cops are gonna HATE this guy.
  5. That's a great idea ;)

    I hope he does well.

    I wonder if anyone will stop and give him attitude for taking their photo as they ride past? (I wouldn't mind - but I wonder if some people won't like it)...

    Good luck to him.

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  7. You've got some good shots there Ratbag ;)

    Eos 20D? Nice ;)

    I've got a Nikon D70, and I'm pretty keen on photography.

    I'd be keen to do a photo day - It'd be good fun.

    ...but still - good luck to the bloke, I like his idea, and I hope he does well.

  8. We used to have photographers doing this up in Sydney on the old road and RNP. RTA and police shut them down after about a year. So get in while the getting is good.
  9. BTW, they used to put a sign up saying at the next corner they were there, so you knew to really lean into it that corner :)
  10. Hehe, yeah 028-2 is looking damn good :grin:

    Me and sir_b were there on Saturday but didn't make the grade obviously ... he could have got us from behind for a nice shot of the L-plates for the bloopers section :p
  11. The look on my face during the brownpants moment where I scraped my foot would have made a great shot in the bloopers section if it wasn't for the helmet ;)

  12. Well if he was a skilled a photographer as we are he could have taken a tight headshot using a polarising filter to neutralise the reflections on the visor and capture the primal fear in your eyes :LOL:
  13. "Thursday, December 14, 2006"

    he needs just a little work on his web site details, but the pics aren't bad...
  14. Nice shots there Paul :wink:
  15. ??? Question ... how the *uck do the police or the rta stop you doing something perfectly legal on the side of the road ???? did victoria suddernly get teleported to the USSR ??

    ohhh and the guy on the yellow honda fingering the peace sign .... awsome pic
  16. they're still doing it :twisted:

    To view the photos for a particular day, enter the date as the PIN. eg 23/07/05