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If you were granted one wish to have one skill or talent

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. If you were granted one wish to have one skill or talent that you were exceptional at - what would it be ?

    Personally I wish I could sing and had musical talent like Bernard Fanning from Powder Finger
  2. mmmmm, I play the guitar (very basically) but I'd love to play the piano....
  3. Telekinesis!! ;)
  4. Tying double windsors in 10seconds flat, or the ability to judge which way someone approaching is about to step, thus avoiding the stepping dance. If I can master these I'll aim for free flight.
  5. +1 on that :D
  6. Telekinesis is a good one. I wish I had that too. Of the ones that normal people have in the real world, I wish I had a photographic memory for names and faces, and could instantly put a name to a face that I had only seen once a few years before.
  7. Polymathism :).
  8. The skill to grant myself more wishes! Yay for having everything!
  9. Brain surgeon, or any operating surgeon,
    I would like to get a bag of live body parts and make a fully functional person again,
    I have spent a lifetime fixing other peoples F#ckups,
    So restoring a person to what they were before an accident, would be my greatest achievement,
    Too old for it now,
  10. You guys so have to watch Misfits

    Oh, yeah. I'd like the power to make chicks think I'm all suave and shit!
  11. I heard they already did - just they wont tell you about it
  12. Literaly translated, A smart arse, Hahahahahahaha

    Hope you have a sence of humour,
  13. LOL.

    Them people what look like they does have that, and shit, generally don't swear and keep their fingers out of their noses. ... maybe there's more to it, that I haven't noticed yet.
  14. Problem is, suave is all about self confidence, and those girls are all like kryptonite
  15. I wish the people inside the TV could hear me when i yell at them
  16. but they can, can't they?
  17. I wish people inside cars could hear me when I yell at them :(.
  18. Makes it easier if you lift your visor first.
  19. I wish I could understand women.

    Or maybe why people buy cruisers
  20. I wish I had an undo button hard wired to the universe, or a smite button. Either one would do.