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If you were a motorbike, what would you be?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sonja, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. I think I'd be a Kawasaki GPX 250 - not the biggest, prettiest, or the best, but pretty reliable overall, and if you push it hard enough, it'll scream like nothing else.

  2. 675, looks HOT, nice slim line looks, goes fast when you want it to and a hot ride :grin: And howls soooo nice!
  3. A 1949 Triumph, I guess :LOL:
  4. A bmw of some description, maybe the new streetfighter one. Quiet, solid, sober, distinctive, built (lol yeah i'm a tool), not the quickest sprinter but got a temper when pushed and quietly intelligent.
  5. I'd be a Monsta. :cool:
  6. I think I would have to be whatever sort of bike Jessica Simpson wants to ride :cool:
  7. I hav no idea.... maybe a pocket bike :LOL:
  8. That's cute.
  9. maybe a monkey bike ..
  10. would be a streetfighter of anykind-- tuned up-- blinged up--crazy stunt machine--- not many people would appreciate the looks but those who do and could handle it--- will dream about it forever!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. Yamaha R7.

    Gun metal silver with 'koma' down the side in black and a single Yamaha logo on the front.
    Elusive, different, and no one really understands why.
  12. I reckon a z1000. It's a bit different and wild but still within the norm. Enough to not get labelled as weird. (well maybe sometimes :D)
  13. Triumph Rocket.

    Simply too much for some people.
  14. I reckon I would be a MV Augusta F4. They are sexy fast when they need to be, and overally reliable. Also, then I could eat Duc's for breakfast :LOL:
  15. A big cc scooter,

    strong down low

    goes all day

    comfy to ride in many positions
  16. I would have to say a Ducati 999 with termi pipes.

    A smooth ride, turns heads and loud (always heard)
  17. I'd say a Harley.

    An easy life, I'd get polished more times than I'd get ridden. :grin:

    Also I've always enjoyed being driven around in the back of a ute. :LOL:
  18. I'd definitely be a GTR. Quiet, Strong, massively overbuilt, well engineered, heavy, looks O.K, if a bit different. Able to impress with performance that exceeds first appearance. Reliable and fairly simple. Does the job very well with minimum fuss.
    Maybe we choose in a motorcycle what we perceive ourselves to be?
    I have to get myself a GPX 250! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Be a gpx250? bah, not likely, being dropped left & right and being sold whenever i make a bit of funny noise.

    vtr1000 maybe? guts of torque, a lazy revver, plenty of rest stops as you run outta fuel under every 200kms ;-)
  20. Yeah, a Monster Dark I think: built out of leftover parts, not to everyone's taste, kinda post-apocalyptic and Mad Max but with a sweet V-twin note and handling to die (or kill) for.