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If you think we have crazy laws and loopy courts here .....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Just be glad you don't live in Italy.

    A court has forced a couple to name their son after the day's saint, rather than Venerdi, which is the Italian word for Friday. Their reasoning? It makes him sound like Robinson Crusoe's servant, who was associated with 'subjection and inferiority'.

    What next, you might well ask??


  2. Well, I must say I prefer Gregorio to Venerdi.
  3. yeah but some parents go to far. in NZ a court forced a parent to change the name of their daughter. she was called "tula does the hula in hawai" no shit, that kid would have been teased to no end.
  4. Re: If you think we have crazy laws and loopy courts here ..

    I reckon they were just a couple of old Easybeats fans.

    They had Friday on their minds... :p :LOL:
  5. THAT is the Friday Funny, for sure :rofl:
  6. ... my boyfriends ex's little sister (got it?) has a few kids with unusual names Angel-Gothica, Blade Indiana and River Rock there's also a Phoenix somethingorother.
  7. I'm changing my name to that.
  8. My favourites include:

    drew peac ock

    and "Bus stop no 17" named after the child's birthplace.
  9. At my school theres a girl called Aida Wang.
  10. At my missus' graduation, in front of the entire arts and business faculty, Fang Wang had to collect her degree :) Normally people clap when someone gets their degree. But this time, it was deathly quiet. Everyone was trying not to laugh heh heh.
  11. Everyone's got a hundred funny names they can quite, but what right does a COURT have to tell a parent he can't call his child Friday, simply because IT decides that Friday in Robinson Crusoe represents 'subjection and inferiority'??

    As I said, be glad you don't live in the idiot-ridden European Community, where Big Brother, and in Italy, the Catholic Church, can roam around your house unfettered, including into the bedroom....
  12. While I agree totally Paul, I can't help wondering if your reaction would be as vehement if the kid was called "Satan Beelzebub"... :LOL: :p \
  13. Lay off the Catholic church Paul, your bias is showing.
    You ever pick a fight with the orthodox church look out.
  14. That's fine with me, I've got dishes in the kitchen sink just waiting for a Nun or Monk to wash em. The laundry in the bedroom needs folding and putting away - and fluff that Doona while you're at it Father... Then you can all go outside and weed and mow, while I put on my gimp suit. God bless you.

    On the OP: I do agree that it might be a bit rough being told your name for your kid has to be changed. It's up to the parents if they want their kid to grow up wondering "why am I picked on so much".

    I'm sure Dweezle Zappa and his sister Moonunit are fine with the names given to them.

    Actually Dweezle is, I heard an interview with him and he said he's cool with his name.
  15. No, Tony, that's different. These folks were forced to change the name of their child because of a stupid PC decision that is an idiotic intrusion into their private affairs.

    And smee, they were forced to change the child's name to the saint's day name; if that's not equally unwelcome intrusion, by a church, with the collusion of the State, I don't know what is....
  16. Regardless, your anti catholic sentiments are well noted.
    Coming from a reverend it would be wise that you didn't let them be so transparent, don't you think?
  17. You're entitled to that opinion, but if this had happened in the deep south of the USA under the influence of some mad Baptist regime I would have said the same thing. The argument is about idiotic PC laws, and in this case, about the complicity of a religious organisation with those laws. Irrespective of the church, it's still stupid and wrong.
  18. Not with the same relish as you would a non Protestant church.
  19. Don't bet on that; having spent over 17 years in that particular paddock there's as much I don't like about it as I don't like about some Rome's doctrines and practises. In fact, some of them are remarkably similar, unfortunately.
  20. Hmmmm

    We shall see,
    It's good you've laid off the Orthodox church though :)