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If you like the Isle of Man TT...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by lornetkowiec, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Keep an eye out for this movie

    And in case you've never heard of Guy Martin

  2. whens it coming out???
  3. (y) awesome, thanks for the heads up
  4. just realised how big this is.
    this movie could do more for introducing motorcycling passion to the mainstream, than charlie and ewan's stuff ever did. and that had a huge global impact.
    hope it gets cinema release here through hoyts/village etc.
    ..and the haters, victards, rta, plod etc, they really gonna be hatin haha, would'nt be at all surprised if they attempted to ban it here even.
    as much as i hate to admit it, i think i would probably turn gay for Guy Martin. bet you would too.
  5. it had better be at imax in 3d
  6. Love it. That onboard footage of Guy with his commentary, is one I snitched from youtube over a year ago, and I won't go more than a week without watching it. It's an inspiration. That's how a motorcycle should be ridden.

    People ask you what it's about, the silly leather romper suit, the fibreglass fairing you couldn't tuck a matchbox behind, the little perspex bubble for a grasshopper, and I want to show them this. Two hundred miles an hour through the houses, between the hedges and stone walls, on real roads, getting airborne, getting sideways, getting messy and constantly turning - this is the job a modern sports bike was built to do.

    As for the Isle of Mann, for me and other petrol heads, that's sacred ground. That's a sacred site if ever I saw one.
  7. That looks bloody awesome. Definitely watching this.
  8. Their nuts, but their craziness demands respect.
  9. ... not quite how I would have written that, but you're right. (As in "You are right.")
    Their nuts do deserve respect.
  10. I'll buy it on DVD!
  11. Holy fukc that would be the shit!!! Damn it now I'm going to be so upset if this doesn't happen
  12. If it's in 3D at IMAX, I call NetRider event night.
  13. I've contacted IMAX, Village and Hoyts NONE of them have any plans to screen this movie.

    Maybe if we put some pressure on them to screen this we may have a slim chance of getting lucky.

    IMAX Number: (03) 9663 5454
    Village Cinemas: 1300 555 400
    Hoyts: 1300 357 357
  14. It might be worthwhile joining their facebook pages and asking there too:

    IMAX: http://www.facebook.com/imaxmelbourne

    Village: http://www.facebook.com/villagecinemas
  15. Create a page kitten and we'll use the 'like' button as a petition. Worked for gHey gHey it's Saturday....
  16. I'm going before Wayne Gardner and his ilk root it.

    Internet GOLD!!! :LOL:
  17. Chef your the man to make this kitten thingy if none of the big cinemas screen it il have to wait for the dvd
  18. wouldn't be surprised if the randwick ritz puts it on, they do feature stuff like this a bit.
  19. Currently no they are not screening it, but hey, on the bright side you can catch Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D there....say's a lot about that place.