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If you knocked someones bike over or...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. leave your details?

    76 vote(s)
  2. drive/ride off

    13 vote(s)
  3. leave fake details?

    2 vote(s)
  4. wait around for them to come back to exchange details?

    12 vote(s)
  1. If you damaged someones vehicle, and it was obviously more than a tiny scratch, would you leave your details?

    This poll is anonymous, so if you say no, there's no guilt trip :D

    Be honest - be interesting to see the results.

  2. Probably not, if it was a car. Probably yes, if it was a bike.
  3. oh, if what you'd do is not on the poll, choose the closest one and post up what you'd do (like licensed did)
  4. I usually avoid parking in crowded parts of the shopping centre (especially near the trolley returns) and park milessss away from the rest of the cars.

    Have not hit a car yet (or been hit)... Must be working :D

    NEVER park near minivans, soccer mum cars and old pieces of shit with dings all over. These dickheads will take paint off your car and drive off.
  5. What if I did it on purpose?
  6. I've had to pay excess because someone didn;t leave their details. It was a pain in the butt and $500 out of my own pocket.
  7. Then that doesn't apply to this poll :p

    Doing it on purpose is another matter entirely... and probably well deserved! ;)
  8. I've spent most of my driving life in dinged up shitheaps. The reason most of them being dinged up has been that people in shiny new stuff have opened doors into them, knocked off my mirrors, rubbed bull-bars along my doors etc. Don't judge a book by its cover.

    Mind you, I tend to stay away from stuff that's creased at every corner too :D.
  9. Hahah I'm mainly talking about the Maroon early 90s Camry that hasnt seen a carwash in over 15 years and has spider webs in the mirrors... 8-[
  10. I said "Leave my details", but it comes with a confession: A couple of times I've misjudged gaps and clipped mirrors with a cage (but not hard enough to break any glass) - I don't stop...
  11. yeah if it was like a tiny scratch or pretty much no damage (ie, basically unnoticeable) i'd just ride off.
  12. If it was a bike I'd knocked over, the first thing I'd do is pick it up.

    Then if I was in a hurry I'd leave my details, otherwise I'd hang around and talk to them.
  13. My car has been keyed and sideswiped and carpark dinged and never a card left.
    Leaves a very sour taste.

    If anything about the car lead me to believe they're a wanker that wouldn't leave me a note then I wouldn't, but if it was a nicely looked after car like mine was I'd leave one.
  14. if it was a scooter i'd probably get in a few good kicks while it was down.
  15. Someone keyed my car... for all outward appearances... intentionally.

    If I ding someones vehicle... and people see... I leave a note saying...
    "people saw me ding your vehicle... but they're happy now they see me writing you this note... have a nice day"
  16. hahaha!!!

    oh i also forgot to mention - if it was something super expensive like a ferrari, i'd piss off. if they can afford a car (anyone) over $60,000 (i'm speaking about lexus and porsche etc etc etc here too) then they can afford the insurance and the money to fix it.
  17. Very true lowercase.
  18. I would always leave my details, if know how much it sucks to have someone not give a shit about another persons belongings.
  19. To be honest id have that instant "oh **** im out of here" moment as everyone does. But then id realise im not that much of an asshole, and id leave my details if i had somewhere to be, otherwise id wait for a little.
    The one time ive damaged another vehicle was me in an F250 in sydney and the streets were a little narrow. Clipped a mirror and popped the mirror itself off.
    Didnt actually damage it, but left details just in case. Guy found details and rang and was amazed to find they were the real details :p.
  20. Maybe you are the a/wipe that broke my mirror and did not stop.....honesstly you are the type of poorly skilled rider that gives law abiding riders a bad name.