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If you haven't had breakfast yet......

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. and that's probably just the entree. Wonder what he'll have as a main course????

    Looks good
  2. could be a good suggestion for geek night lol
    1 pizza feeds all of netrider :LOL: :LOL:

  3. pfffft! I'll chew through that baby by myself!
  4. i want one :):):)
  5. now lets see hungry jacks or maccas top that one...
    dam thats a big burger..
  6. well i wanna see that .... can anyone make a pizza that big here in melb??
  7. The pizza's were almost that size at kardinia cafe (super size I think?) many moons ago. Don't know if they still do that size. All I know is you couldn't walk through a doorway with it horizontal, you had to tilt it to get the box through. heh
  8. holy crap :shock:
    u serious?? that would be value for money cause u know that u eat left over pizza for breakie the next day lol....
    i think u would have pizza for the whole week :LOL: :LOL:
    man i would love to visit that shop
    is it still around??
  9. "could you please wait in parking bay No.1 while we freshly make that for you".........
  10. um sir that will be a 30 min wait as we are havin trouble wrapping it..
    :LOL: :LOL:
    we dont have enough hands lol
  11. It's still open. It's right next to geelong football ground but we went there a year or two ago, different owners. Had a meal there (to catch up with a mate) and it was terrible. The food used to be AWESOME with a captial YUM 'back in the day' so I don't know if the pizza sizes are still the same or not

    And hell yeah we used to eat it 5-7 days a week. heh. What else could we afford back on the dole, playing computer games and drinking beer most nights.. :LOL:
  12. Now that is what I call a "Fat" pizza :LOL:
  13. dont u just hate that i mean i would go down the road to big daddys pizza and they used to make a good cheap pizza with loads of topping
    no most of them have bene taken over by dominos... and they dont make them as nice as big daddy used to lol
    and they are pricy as well.. :cry: