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If you HAVE to take the train...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by razorcat, May 31, 2013.

  1. ...and live on the Sunbury line, this may explain why there are so many 'unexplained' delays.

    Train driver caught masturbating during “delay”
    May 14, 2013|Virgil Devereaux

    A TRAIN DRIVER on Melbourne’s Sunbury line was caught masturbating in the driver’s cabin after he told passengers there would be a “short delay”.
    At 9.31am Monday, the Sunbury train departed Flinders Street. As the train approached Southern Cross, the train had stopped, and the driver announced “There will be a short delay”. Rosie Williams, 24 was already late to work due to a previous delay on her connecting Hurstbridge line, and she became impatient.
    “He didn’t say how long the delay would be or why there is one, so we were waiting for a good five minutes. I lost my temper.”
    Williams reports that she approached ticket inspectors on the train to see if they could resolve the cause of the delay.
    The inspectors had entered the driver’s cabin and found Ian Higgins, 34, masturbating. He was completely naked.
    Inspectors ordered him to put his clothes back on and arrive at Southern Cross, where they would call the police and have him arrested. Inspector Dale Rob said that what he saw was “disgusting”.
    “Clearly these drivers think they can stop the trains whenever they like and conduct whatever business they like, and say it’s a ‘delay’. What passenger is going to know?
    We’ve caught drivers stopping trains just to have a cigarette out the window of the cabin.”

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  2. #2 smileedude, May 31, 2013
    Last edited: May 31, 2013
    pfft, amateur, the things on rails, surely you can master the big button that says stop and the big button that says go while rubbing one out. I reckon I could manage it while riding a motorbike. Doing it on the scooter was no trouble at all.
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  3. But were you naked?

    Surely ATGATT masto is the way to go when on the move
  4. Kevlar frangers. I can see a double market. Fit the above as well as the quick to finish amongst us.
  5. I guess you could say..
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    He was the only one coming early....
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  6. Well, that explains this:

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  7. So THAT'S why people ride scooters? I'd often wondered.
  8. What a wanker, you'd think with that amount of practice he would at least be able to cum on time.
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  9. only a short delay hardly seems worth the effort
  10. But why the delay, couldn't he drive the train at the same time. I've seen truck drivers do it on the Hume.
  11. sticky situation for the driver that relieved him
  12. um............ HOW??????
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  13. ^^^ this

    trucks are quite high up... are u speaking from experience? LOL
  14. Over took. Looked in my mirror. Very obvious.
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  15. When privacy doesn't matter, do it on a train ---->
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  16. The best thing about that video was the commentary.

    'You're not gonna believe this Robbo...'

    Pure Australian gold.
  17. Post of the year?