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If You Had To Change Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidp1984, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. If you had to change your bike, what would you get?

    Answer with what you would get with the same rough value of your bike and what you would get if you could throw some more coin at it (within reason, no point everyone answering with a desmo etc).

    I have a 00 Cbr600f4.
    I would probably get a wr250 and supermoto it (or something similar).

    Otherwise, Ducati Monster 1100 Evo or Aprillia RSV4r
  2. Ill play.

    Got a expensively modified 09 Triumph Sprint ST 1050.
    Would get a BMW S1000RR, pending a test ride, more for my bad back than any doubts about the bike.
  3. I have a 2001 BMW R1100s. It's far too soon for me to bother changing bikes, but if I did...
    The replacement would be perhaps a speed triple, but my pillion wouldn't like it.
    Ideal replacement - BMW K1300R
  4. If I had to dump my 01 F4i I'd probably go to an R6 or GSXR or whatever, but I wouldn't be thrilled about it
  5. Currently have a Virago 1100, would go straight to a Triumph Speedmaster or America, but having only ever ridden cruisers, i would really like to try out a sports or naked bike...just to see.....
  6. If / when i trade my EL Eliminator I'll get an XVS650 custom with the new bobber kit.
  7. got a few at the moment but going from the 2012 RSV4 Factory

    if i was gonna get something else now it's be either a BMW K1300s or something dual sport to go touring... if i was gonna throw in some extra for something rarer than my aprilia i'd probably look at something like a Benelli with the weird steering on the front.... but i don't know enough about them....
  8. Got the GSX1400...... Campbells.JPG

    Just bought some more awesomeness..... a ZX12R

    Campbells.JPG IMG_1235.JPG
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  9. I've got a FRJ1300 and I'd get a Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX

  10. Hmmm, interesting...

    Currently 09 Daytona with a few extra bits on it.
    Straight swap - late model Gix750, Street Triple R

    Dreaming - S1000RR or RSV4
  11. <----current bikes

    i'd get any of the 400 grey imports ....zxr 400 cbr 400 gsx400 etc
  12. I'd add some coin and trade from my current Royal Enfield Bullet to one of the new models. The new ones have a roller bearing in the bottom end and are incredibly robust - you can sit on 100kph all day. The new bikes combine the engine and gear box as one unit. This means big power - possibly 30hp (or mid to high 20s). They also have an electric start, which would be fun and much less hassle at the lights.
  13. Gay VFR800
    Beastie Husaberg FE350

    I've been asking myself this question for over a year now. Do I want one ??? I kept looking, riding and in the end no love. Nothing said to me ya gotta have me.
    I went home and did a big evaluation. Was I over riding? I have been riding every day 6 to 7 days a week for transport and work for twelve years now.
    I've ridden almost every day since I was six...I'm fifty.
    Do I enjoy riding on the road now. No not really.
    Do I enjoy it for my job...yeah beats a real one, or an office.
    I'm ova tar. I'm ova being good. Road safety isn't my job anymore and I want to be an animal again.
    No I want to enjoy riding again. And I don't now unless I am pushing it hard and the bike is getting out of shape. And Viffers don't like to slide.
    QR is almost 150k away.The plod sniff our roads like a dog sniffs an arsehole.
    My family has big properties within ten minutes, well my wife's family.
    Going out with a bunch of mates and playing in the dirt.... I have never laughed so much in my life. I have never been so exhausted in my life either.
    It's been way too long. Seven years to be exact I think since I last road hard in the dirt. Flat out, mostly out of control, sideways, mud, beer and laughs.
    No one takes it serious, no one gives a hoot about counterpoo's or touching a knee. It's all about scaring the crap out of yourself and laughing at your mates misery.

    And lastly..I am fifty. It kills me riding dirt.....less and less each time...:) Take ur gym and stuff it gay boy. Buy a dirty
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  14. i think you meant "take your JIM and stuff it, gay boy."
  15. Assuming I would change from the vstar, I would get a vstrom 650 with all the goodies for some proper touring. After about 4 hours on the vstar I get a bit sore n the tailbone and having ridden a vstrom, I think it would have a better riding position for all day riding. Things are a long way apart in northern WA.

    I will probably buy the vstrom without trading in the vstar anyway.
  16. Same as bretto, would get myself a dirty
  17. Currently riding an 05 FJR 1300 fairly sure my next one will be a M109R Boulavard, love bikes with massive torque just off idle. im not really a Suzuki fan but I reckon they make the best looking metric cruisers
  18. Probably just go from the Z1000 to the Ninja 1000!! Same bike just fully fared!
    Just love the handling & the grunt!!
    Farings might be a nice addition though. :)
  19. Currently on a zrx1200 and love it but wouldn't say no to either a zx14 or B-King.
  20. On a 2010 FZ8 and I'd do whatever it took to get a low k's ZX12r... If I ever get in front enough to upgrade.