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If you had $10k to spend...............

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. OK, assuming you own a bike and have $10k to spend on mods.... What would you do????

    Me, I would do the following:
    - $3k - Engine work, pump it to a 1600cc bike with more torque and top-end power
    - $2k - Inverted forks off of a Honda SP2 - alot of work to do
    - $2k - Racing rear shocks - ohlins factory
    - $2k - chasis brace, steering damper, header pipe
    - $1k - adult nappies


  2. Get the entire bike gold plated? :LOL:
  3. $10,000 would get a 1 1/2 sidecar and a trailer with a tent inbuilt :)
  4. Hey ZRX1200... Interesting.... Side car and trailer...... :)
  5. MMMMM 10 k to spend on a Ducati
    Set of Carbon Fibre wheels
    Ohlins remote resovoir shock
    May have money left over for a couple of stickers.

  6. Get the bike polished and spend the balance on an overseas trip to Europe. :D

    But seriously, I'd spend it on the suspension and exhaust. The ZZ-R1100 goes fast enough. The engine can remain as is.
  7. So...I have a 1998 Across and have to spend $10K on it?

    Say $200 for a large wheely bin, and $9800 for a late model CBR600F! :LOL:
  8. a workshop of snap-on tools plus power tools (plus a full beer fridge) and one kick arse garage.... all to work on the bike of course
  9. Wuss

    :p :LOL:
  10. I'd still have 2 solo's so it's not as if I'd miss out on cornering... and I've always had this hankering for an outfit... I reckon I got it when a mate and I used to ride through rally sites in his outfit with the sidecar wheel balancing in the air doing tricks and sculling beer until we were drunk enough that the outfit either crashed or fell over (once right over with me pushed down into the chair).

    All I could hear was "Shit! Is he all right!! *#$% him! All the beers in the sidecar right?!" <Me> Get me out of here now or I am so going to drink all this beer! (to howls of laughter).

    I must be getting old... harking back to my misspent youth :)
  11. Ok lets pretend I have a Z750 :twisted:

    I would get...

    Micron Pipe
    belly pan
    Rear seat cow
    Fender Eliminator
    polished rims
  12. Exhaust and a dyno run, you can keep the change...

    Ah, bugger it you may as well bang on a turbo while you're at it... and the cup holder has got some cheese on it from me sarnies, swap that for a carbon fibre version will ya? Dandy!

    Whatever is left (if anything) I'll throw at fancy carbon whatevers and a flourescent paint job. May as well make the thing LOOK as though 10 grand has been thrown at it, after all.

    After a week riding the god awful monstrosity I'd then either flog it for about 5 grand less than it'd have been worth before I started, or else I'd spend a further 5 grand taking everything off and putting the thing back to standard.

    Now, anyone going to give me 10 grand OR WHAT!
  13. 7 more SR500's :)
  14. Or you could get it serviced, and then put the remainder towards a tank of fuel :p :p :p
  15. resusitate my credit cards.....technically that would be paying for mods anyway.
  16. NAWZ! :p

    Ok, we'll work on the presumption it's a future purchased VTR250 not my current ride.

    Err....no idea. Full system, steering damper and suspension mods I guess.

    You reckon you could supercharge a VTR250?
  17. Actually on further thought and more in line with the threads theme, I'd get the mod of a 600RR track bike for the 10K

  18. They MADE 7 more SR500's? For Dog's sake why?
  19. For the Hornet

    2006 model bits
    17" front wheel
    upside-down forks
    braided lines
    digital speedo/analog tacho instrument kit
    textured seat
    logos on under-seat panels

    Or, just import a brand new 600 Hornet from the US or Europe

    (lust, lust, covet, covet)