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If you give a mouse a motorcycle.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by cjvfr, May 2, 2014.

  1. If you give a mouse a motorcycle,
    don't be too surprised
    if he starts behaving strangely
    once he knows he's motorized.

    He may act a bit bizarrely.
    He may dress a little weird.
    He might buy a leather jacket
    and then grow a honkin' beard.

    When he straps a helmet on his head
    and boots upon his feet,
    then you'll see him pop a wheelie
    and go racing down the street.

    Pretty soon he'll find he's fond
    of doing motorcycle tricks.
    He'll be jumping over cars and trucks
    and buses just for kicks.

    He'll start working at the circus
    where he'll take away your breath
    as he rides with other rodents
    in the flaming cage of death.

    When he accidentally crashes
    he'll have no more fun and games;
    just the screech of twisting metal
    as his bike explodes in flames.

    And without his motorcycle
    he'll be fired from his job.
    He'll become depressed and lonely
    and a sad and smelly slob.

    And the only way to save him
    from this misery and pain
    is to buy another motorbike
    so he can start again.

    So remember this advice:
    Don't even trust him with your keys.
    If you need to give a mouse a gift,
    it's best to stick with cheese.

    --Kenn Nesbitt
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