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If you fall off, don't tell OH&S

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by David@DHill, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Me and my big mouth. My last 'off' happened on the way home from work, and I was having a chat late today with my company's OH&S officer about the (rotten) changes by the NSW Govt to workers' comp laws, and how they strip a worker's right to rehab-costs assistance if they have an accident on the way to/from home. I unwisely added "like how I fell off my bike last week, cause my left hand is still a bit sore".

    BANG ... he ordered me onto light duties "until we get this medically assessed". :eek: Which - as an apprentice sparkie - means I can't actually do anything. My supervisor will hear about this tomorrow morning, and oh man will he be happy ... not.

    Maybe I'll head out and find a late-opening medical centre, and see if I can find a GP who'll write me a note saying "doesn't need any time off normal duties". I bet doctors are more used to people asking for the opposite!

  2. Sucks.

    When I was assaulted a few months back on the bike our OH&S were advised.

    Once I got the all clear from the doc I was back at work.

    Hope the bloody paper pushers let you through soon mate!
  3. Unless you reckon something is unsafe at work NEVER tel the OH&S officer anything lol
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  4. Unless you are too badly injured to remove yourself and your bike from the scene it's generally best not to tell anyone about any SVAs you might have.*

    *Not to be regarded as legal advice from a qualified practitioner.
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  5. You will need a full clearance from your gp . Telling the OHS rep isan't the problem informing your boss or manaegment is .. Don't tell anyone people have big mouths and can't shut the fucck up .
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  6. this is what i think of OHS

    the guy on the far right with a bottle of whiskey is badarse

  7. Ah no... hopefully your doctor comes through for you- good luck!
  8. *puts on flame suit*

    Guys I'm an OH&S rep for my area and honestly it sounds like that guy was just doing his job, he maybe could have done something differently there (offered any assistance, asked if you needed anything etc etc rather than light duties), but I'm in a different state so there may be different state/job specific laws i don't know about.

    Have you had a look into what powers he has in relation to your situation? Who knows it might have been a little overboard in your mind's eye but being safe (and maybe a little over cautious) isn't something to pay off in the workplace. You don't want to be that guy in the workplace who falls off a ladder or something because he couldn't hold on! Or worse still, looses his grip on a tool that hits and hurts a fellow colleague... (n)
  9. God help us all, we have become a cotton wool society, protected at very turn by over zealous wardens who would make average kindergarten teachers.
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  10. A little bit of information for NSW workers. Although the rules changed last year to exclude your trip to and from work, there is an additional clause that if your were carrying out work related duties on your way to or from work, then you are sill covered. E.G. As part of someone's duties, they take the mail to the post office on their way home and the accident happens on the way to the post office, then that person is still covered by workers comp insurance.

  11. yup I tend to agree too, wasn't trying to defend the actions taken or anything of that rep and without knowing how badly David was/is injured it does sound a bit over the top.

    Should see some of the things that are covered off in training, but common sense prevails (at least in my workplace).
  12. Far out when I had my accident and had a couple of broken ribs, I had to provide evidence I was unfit for my regular duties, and they pestered me everyday If i could resume my normal role, and when I had a week off when it happend I had multiple calls a day asking me when I was coming back.
  13. A tough way to learn a lesson, but no matter how well you get on and how informal the chat, he's still a work colleague, not a mate. You told your OH&S rep you were injured and he acted on that info.
  14. Some people leave work at work. Others don't.
    That goes doubly so for anyone in a position of authority.
  15. Did he do it as a work cover thing or just cause you were a little bit sore? Cause if it was the latter I'd have never been allowed to work when I was playing rep rugby, I was always sore till at least Tuesday.

  16. Your OH&S Rep did the right thing.

    The Work,Health and Safety Act puts obligations on both employers and employees.

    You have an obligation to report to work fit for duty, just as your employer has an obligation to you for a safe place to work and safe systems of work.

    Its normal practice these days to stand people down who have been injured outside of work until a medical clearance is provided, this is to protect you, your work mates and the company.

    A injury at work is a whole different matter, Work Cover is involved, the treating Physician is involved and there is a returned to work plan and it is all managed.

    You are far better off to do the right thing and be up front at the beginning.
  17. Interesting so carrying the offsite backup tapes home and swapping them and bringing the next days tapes back and you have full coverage. I suppose there are get out clauses though. Hadn't heard this about NSW law, that stinks.

    I notice that Police are exempt and still covered while traveling to and from work.
  18. Haven't been that way in SA for years now. Lucky my union dues cover my trips to and from work and give me and my family an extra ambulance cover policy too
  19. Oh I certainly agree - he was doing what his job required of him. My irritation is solely reserved for myself, for putting him in a position where he had to.

    Now that is something worth looking into. Thanks for mentioning it.
  20. A sore hand only hurts if you bang it again, otherwise you don't notice.

    I suppose the office equivalent would be when the "process" is "continually improved".